Marsela Maci

KfW (Albania)
Project Coordinator

Marsela Maci is a Project Coordinator at KfW. Prior she was a legal advisor at the government of Albania. She graduated from the University of Utrecht with Master level specialization in Dutch civil law and European law in 2002. In 2010 she holds a Ph.D. from the University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College, in competition law with a thesis on anti-competitive practices in public procurement markets of the European Union. She has been assistant professor for three years at Queen Mary College in the case European Competition Law and English post-doc researchers for about two years at the Faculty of Law of the University of Edinburgh. She regularly publishes scientific papers in several leading European magazines in the field of EU law as European Competition Law Review, European Competition Journal etc. Marsela is fluent in English, Dutch, French and Italian.


19043 Bulletin

Marsela Maci A Dutch Court dismisses the appeal on the restrictive effect of a regulation for professional certification but upholds it on the ground on price fixing thereby ordering the NCA to investigate the matter further (Elektroburo)


The appellant, Elektroburo A B.V., appealed to the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal against the judgement of the District Court of Rotterdam of 5 December 2006, reg. nr. MEDED 06/1331, which dismissed its appeal against the decision of 22nd of August 2002 of the Dutch Competition Authority (...)

Marsela Maci The Dutch District Court of Rotterdam annuls the Competition Authority’s decision on an alleged abusive rebates scheme for insufficient analysis of the effects of the practice (CRV Holding)


The appellant, CRV Holding B.V. (hereafter CRV) appealed to the District Court of Rotterdam against Decision n° 3353 taken by the Dutch Competition Authority (hereafter DCA) on 31 December 2003. The decision was taken under Section 24 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Competition Act 1998 which (...)

Marsela Maci The Dutch District Court in Rotterdam sets aside the Competition Authority’s decision for failing to demonstrate that the alleged parallel behaviour of the appellants in the motor fuel sector amounted to horizontal agreements or concerted practices (Texaco gas stations)


The appellants, [X], [Y], [Z] and [W] appealed to the District Court of Rotterdam against Decision No. 03/2527 taken by the Dutch Competition Authority (DCA) on 25 June 2002. The decision was taken under Section 6 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Competition Law Act 1998 (DCLA) which prohibits (...)

Marsela Maci, Tristan Baumé The Leeuwarden Dutch Court of Appeal refuses to grant the benefit of the EC vertical restraint block exemption Regulation to a selective distribution system in the bicycle sales market (Batavus)


Batavus B.V., a bicycle producer, had, for thirty years, a commercial relationship with a retailer, the respondent in the present case, which sold Batavus’ brand bikes. In 2001, Batavus ceased to supply this retailer, which then turned to alternative Batavus dealers in order to obtain supplies. (...)

Marsela Maci The Dutch Competition Authority decided that a beer standard agreements in the catering sector did not infringe national competition provision and therefore could not qualify for exemption (Heineken Nederland)


On 14 December 2000 Heineken Nederland B.V. (Heineken) notified its (standard)agreements with the catering establishment employers with effect from 1 April 2000 to the Dutch Competition Authority (DCA) for a decision that they did not fall within Article 6 of the Dutch Competition Law Act (...)

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