Marine Dantec

Danone (Paris)
Data Privacy Manager

Marine Dantec is data privacy manager at Danone. Prior to joining the company, Marine Dantec has acquired a significant experience in the field of economic and consumption law and regulation of products in the Parisian law firm Deprez Guignot & AssociƩs and Fourgoux & AssociƩs. Member of the Paris Bar, Marine Dantec has obtained a post-graduate degree in Economics and Business management- with speciality in Competition, Consumption and Industrial Property law from the Rennes I University.

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Danone (Paris)


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Jean-Louis Fourgoux, Marine Dantec Consumer protection : The Court of Justice of the European Union firmly recalls the scope of unfair commercial practices directive and condemns Belgium for keeping a law on the rebates ads and itinerant activities, incompatible with the directive (Commission / Belgium)


Unsurprisingly, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) recalled on 10 July that the rule it keeps hammering home, according to which Member States must not prohibit by operation of law practices not listed in Annex I of Directive 2005/29/EC, known as "unfair commercial practices" (Directive of (...)


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