Marie Løvbjerg

Horten (Copenhagen)
Lawyer (Associate)

Marie Løvbjerg is an Assistant Attorney specialising in Danish and EU competition law at Horten (Copenhagen). Previously, she was a case handler and head of section within the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority. In the authority she worked in the division responsible for enforcing competition law within the national sectors of construction, wholesale industry, transportation and energy.


334 Bulletin

Jacob Borum, Marie Løvbjerg The Danish Competition Authority issues an order to stop refusal of supply and restrictions to parallel trade within the railway engine spare part sector (Deutz)


On 12 June 2013, the Danish Competition Council (“DCC”) held that the German manufacture of industrial engines Deutz AG (“Deutz”) and their exclusive dealer in Scandinavia, Diesel Motor Nordic A/S (“Diesel Motor Nordic”), had infringed Danish and European competition law (section 6 and 11 of the (...)

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