Marie-Laure Allain

CNRS CREST-INSEE (Palaiseau), CNRS/Ecole polytechnique
CNRS Research Director / Associate professor

Marie-Laure Allain is research fellow at CNRS and associate professor of economics at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. After a PhD at CREST, she was an assistant professor at ENSAE. Marie-Laure Allain’s area of research include industrial organization and competition policy, with a focus on vertical relations between producers and retailers. Jointly with Claire Chambolle, she has published several books and articles on the retail sector. She has provided economic expertise during merger procedures before the French Competition Authorities.


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Ecole Polytechnique IZA and CREST-INSEE
French Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment Research - INRAE (Paris)
French Ministry of Culture (Paris)
École Polytechnique, Université Paris Saclay
ENSAE (Paris)


15893 Review

Catherine Vautrin, Claire Chambolle, Clémence Christin, Etienne Pfister, Marie-Laure Allain, Michaël Cousin, Serge Papin, Thierry Dahan New aspects of grocery retail sector regulation


Both aspects of the grocery retail sector regulation, i.e. the rules on unfair behaviours and those governing the market structures have evolved in different ways since 2005. Further to the Competition Authority’s opinion of 17 December 2010 discussions moved toward the relevance of more (...)

Claire Chambolle, Dominique de Gramont, Hervé Fargues, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet, Jérôme Dubruille, Juliette Goyer, Kristen J. McAhren, Lucas Peeperkorn, Marie-Laure Allain, Peter J. Carney Resale price regulation: Leegin and much more


This is a set of 5 articles on Resale Price Maintenance. This topic has recently been debated following the US Supreme Court Leegin ruling and the draft French reform of the antitrust act. The first article is written by 2 leading economists on the economic debate on the welfare effects of (...)



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