Marie-Dominique Hagelsteen

French State Council (Paris)
Judge (French State Council)

Marie-Dominique Hagelsteen (1948-2012) was born in Arenberg (Prev. West-Germany). She graduated from the Paris Institut d’Etudes Politiques and is a former student of National School of Administration (ENA). In June 1972, she was appointed Auditor at the supreme French Administrative High-Court (Conseil d’Etat), Counsel in 1978 and then Administrative Judge in 1990. She was Head of the Legal department of the Elf-Aquitaine Group from 1981 to 1986 and President of the Competition Authority (Conseil de la concurrence) from 1998 to 2004. She was appointed President of the Public work section of the Conseil d’Etat in January 2007.

Marie-Dominique Hagelsteen died in September 2012.

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Bruno Deffains, Bruno Lasserre, Elisabeth Lamure, Lowri Evans, Marie-Dominique Hagelsteen Conference - Public authorities : Mitigating competition concerns and other public interests for MPs (Round table I - Paris, 7 May 2010)


Marie-Dominique HAGELSTEEN The first round table was entitled "Competition policy and other public policies: how to reconcile them in the making of laws? "addresses an original and relatively undeveloped theme, that of the relationship between competition policy and other public policies. (...)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING REMARKS Mr Jean-Marc SAUVÉ, Vice-President of the Conseil d’Etat Mr Mario MONTI, Former European Commissioner for Competition, President of the Bocconi University of Milan IS STATE AID CONTROL POLICY A COMPETITION POLICY? Introduction: Mrs Marie-Dominique (...)

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