Marie-Charlotte Rouzier

Innovate Finance (London)
Senior Content Producer

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier is Senior Content Producer at Innovate Finance in London. She was a PhD student at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University specialising in competition law. Her researches deal with the movement of criminalization of competition law, regarding UK and French law. She worked as an European law lecturer in the University of Szeged in Hungary from 2008 till 2010. From January to April 2008, she worked as an intern in the economic department of the French embassy in Tunis. In 2007, she was employed in the competition section of the Court of Appeal of Paris as a judiciary assistant. She was as well an editorial assistant for LawLex, a publisher specialized in competition law. In 2006, Marie-Charlotte worked as an intern in the competition section of Clifford Chance in Paris, and in the competition section of Lafarge. She received her D.E.A. in European and Community law at Paris I University in 2005. Besides the Competition Law her fields of interest are: EC Law and Human Rights Law. She speaks French and English.


89451 Bulletin

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The Paris Court of Appeal upholds the Competition Authority’s decision that if a dominant undertaking in periodicals’ retail modifies charges based on a legitimate business objective, such conduct does not constitute abuse of dominance (NMPP / EPM)


The Nouvelles messageries de presse parisienne (hereinafter, the NMPP) is a French company specialised in the retail of periodicals (daily, weekly and monthly newspapers) of which TV programs. It belongs to a French group, Hachette, which produces TV programs. The publishers, of which Editions (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The UK Competition Authority issues the first imprisonment and director’s disqualification orders against individuals prosecuted for criminal cartel (Marine Hoses Cartel)


On 19 December 2007, the Office of Fair Trading (hereinafter “OFT”) charged three UK businessmen with cartel offence under the Enterprise Act. This was the first time that charges had been brought for cartel offence. The three men were arrested at the airport, where they were, following the (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The French Supreme Court rules on the criminal regulations governing the limitation period in an abuse of dominant position case (SNF / Cytec Industries)


Few decisions are grounded on Article L. 420-6 of the French Commercial Code (hereinafter “FCC”). The latter organizes the sanctions applicable to the infraction constituted by the malevolent, personal and determining participation to a forbidden anticompetitive practice such as an agreement (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The UK House of Lords establishes that the conspiracy to defraud offence may not replace the cartel offence, for facts before 2003, where no deceit, misrepresentation nor lies are involved (Norris)


I - The NHS case On 28 March 2007, Ajit P. and Kirta P., CEO and COO respectively of Goldshield Group, the drug supplier, were arrested in London on suspicion of price-fixing, from 1996 to 2000, concerning generic drugs at the detriment of the UK’s National Health Service (hereinafter “NHS”). (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier A UK Court grants a plaintif judicial review against the NCA’s “sensational publicity” and “public relations” policy regarding the disclosure of investigations’ results (Lactalis Mclelland - "Dairy price fixers’ case")


I The facts Eights companies admitted having taken part in a collusion concerning the price of dairy products in the United Kingdom, according to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). This alleged cartel is known to concern the markets of milk, butter and cheese and has formerly be formalised by (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The French Supreme Court acknowledges the boundaries of the transmission of information between criminal courts and the national competition authority (Colas Ile-de-France Normandie)


I - Background Article L. 463-5 of the Commercial Code creates the possibility for the Competition Council to request documents closely linked to the facts referred to it and belonging to another national authority. The decision under examination is the last in this case and upholds the (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The UK Office of Fair Trading inflicts a record penalty of € 175 M - highest penalty ever imposed - for price fixing over long-haul surcharges following criminal and civil investigations (British Airways)


Office of Fair Trading, August 1st 2007, British Airways PLC , not yet published OFT Press Release, August 1st2007, n° 113/07, British Airways to pay record £121.5m penalty in price fixing investigation British Airways PLC (“BA”) has been hit with a £121.5 mln (€174.40 mln) fine by the Office of (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The French Competition Authority makes use of criminal proceedings to heavily sanction major anticompetitive practices in the course of public tendering (Ile-de-France secondary schools public works)


This decision provides useful details on exchange of information between criminal proceedings and competition proceedings. We shall start by recalling the facts. I - Facts: Anticompetitive agreements in the course of public tenders in the buildings and works sector Secondary schools public (...)

Marie-Charlotte Rouzier The French Criminal Supreme Court confirms criminal sanctions against the CEO of a national copyright-management society for excessive fees (X / SACEM)


Despite the de-penalization of anticompetitive practices, acknowledged by many authors, and implemented by the Order of 1st December 1986 (the Order), Article L. 420-6 of the French commercial code (the FCC) still states that : “If any natural person fraudulently takes a personal and decisive (...)

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