Marianela López-Galdos

Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) (Washington D.C.)
In-House Counsel

Marianela López-Galdos is currently Director of Competition & Regulatory Policy at the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA). Prior to joining CCIA, she was the Director for Research Projects in Competition Law and Policy at the George Washington Competition Law Center. Marianela has worked as an international comparative competition law and policy consultant for the Office of International Affairs at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C and the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Development Bank. She also practiced law as a competition associate at Hogan Lovells LLP both in the Brussels and Madrid offices. Marianela holds an LL.M. from Georgetown Law School, a Masters Degree in European Legal Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, and a PhD in International Competition Law from George Washington Law School. Her thesis was supervised by Prof. William E. Kovacic.



3642 Bulletin

Marianela López-Galdos Big Tech and Mergers: An overview of EU and national case law


For tech-related innovation to drive the economy, both competition policy and sound antitrust enforcement play a crucial role in ensuring that competition exists across markets. Merger control, as part of the antitrust toolkit, remains a key element in ensuring that the economy remains dynamic. In fact, competition authorities around the world have well understood that vigorous antitrust enforcement is important to R&D intensive sectors like the tech industry. As such, tech-related mergers do not get a free pass under the various existing antitrust regimes.

Marianela López-Galdos The EU Commission investigates Russian producer and supplier of natural gas for allegedly abusing its dominant position in the European markets (Gazprom)


The European Commission has opened an abuse of dominance investigation against Gazprom. The investigation deals with the natural gas markets of eight central and eastern European markets. The investigation is framed within the energy policy that the European Union is pursuing which focuses on (...)

Marianela López-Galdos The Pakistani Competition Authority grants immunity upon a leniency application that facilitated the breakage of a cartel in the switchgear and distribution transformer market (Siemens)


On April 3 the Competition Commission of Pakistan published a landmark decision imposing fines to members participating on a switchgear and transformer distribution market cartel, upon a leniency application submitted by Siemens. The decision represents a stepping-stone within the Pakistani (...)

Marianela López-Galdos The Argentinian Ministry of Economic and Finances orders to five oil & gas corporations to stop charging discriminatory and excessive prices to public transportation companies (YPF / Shell / Esso / Petrobras / Oil)


On 26 January, 2012 upon recommendation of Argentina’s National Competition Commission (ANCC), the Ministry of Economics & Finance ordered the 5 major oil & gas corporations -namely YPF (participated by Repsol YPF), Shell, Esso (Exxon Mobile), Petrobras and Oil- active in the Argentine (...)

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