Maria T. Bautista

Cabot (Boston)

Maria T. Bautista is a patent attorney at Cabot Corporation, that she joined in June 2011. Prior to that, she was Partner at Rissman Hendricks & Oliverio LLP during 5 years. She holds a JD in law at Suffolk University Law School and a Postdoc. Fellow, in Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. .


231 Bulletin

Maria T. Bautista The US Federal Circuit Court finds that the district court exceeded its authority in shortening the statutory stay of entry by a generic competitor which was challenged by a pharmaceutical patent-holder manufacturer in a patent infringement suit (Andrx / Biovail)


Judges: Dyk (author), Bryson, and Linn In Andrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Biovail Corp., No. 01-1650 (Fed. Cir. Jan. 17, 2002), the Federal Circuit vacated and remanded a lower court’s order (1) shortening the statutory thirty-month delay of FDA approval of Andrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s (“Andrx”) (...)

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