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Dr. Marcel Meinhardt is partner at Lenz & Staehelin based in their Zurich office. He is a leading expert in competition law and is renowned for his broad, first-rate practice. He specialises in all areas of Swiss and European merger control work and competition law, particularly in the postal services, insurance, banking, motor-car, energy, media, retail, construction, pharma, ticketing and IT sectors. Marcel Meinhardt also advises on regulatory issues in connection with the electricity and gas industry. He has been responsible for a large number of merger notifications to the Swiss Competition Commission and co-ordinated multi-jurisdictional filings. Marcel Meinhardt advises in contentious and non-contentious matters and has acted in high profile cases on alleged abuses of dominant positions and vertical restraints. He heads the competition and regulated practice group of Lenz & Staehelin.


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2473 Bulletin

Benoît Merkt, Marcel Meinhardt, Astrid Waser, Sevan Antreasyan The Swiss Federal Supreme Court rules that agency privilege will not protect firms from liability for exclusivity agreements partitioning the domestic market (Les Editions Flammarion)


The Federal Supreme Court published its judgment regarding Les Editions Flammarion SA in the book market case and excludes the application of the agency privilege to exclusivity clauses partitioning the Swiss market. Investigation of the French-language book market Following an (...)

Sandro Travaglini, Marcel Meinhardt The Swiss Competition Authority fines a German tobacco producer for a longstanding vertical distribution agreement which sought to secure absolute territorial protection (Pöschl)


Competition Commission penalises German tobacco company for territorial restrictions in distribution agreements* The Competition Commission (ComCo) has once again imposed penalties on a foreign company for including/maintaining absolute territorial protection clauses in its distribution (...)

Marcel Meinhardt, Ueli Weber The Swiss Federal Supreme Court clarifies controversial questions regarding the privilege against self-incrimination in competition law proceedings (ApplePay)


ApplePay proceedings lead to clarification on Nemo Tenetur in Competition Law* Early April, the Federal Supreme Court clarified controversial questions regarding the privilege against self-incrimination in Competition Law Proceedings in three much-noticed decisions (2C_383/2020, 2C_87/2020 (...)

Marcel Meinhardt, Suzan Hacisalihzade The Swiss Federal Supreme Court confirms and defines margin squeeze as a particular form of abusive pricing strategy in the telecommunication market (Swisscom)


Federal Supreme Court examines margin squeeze under Swiss competition law* Introduction On 9 December 2019 the Federal Supreme Court confirmed that Swisscom AG and Swisscom (Schweiz) AG (together, Swisscom) had abused its dominant position by charging abusive prices for wholesale broadband (...)

Marcel Meinhardt The Swiss Federal Supreme Court affirms a major ticket sale company’s sole legitimacy to submit a complaint against the Competition Commission’s prohibition of the merger between its wholly owned subsidiary and another company (Ticketcorner Holding / Tamedia)


In its decision of June 24, 2019, the Federal Supreme Court affirms Ticketcorner Holding AG’s sole legitimacy to lodge a complaint against ComCo’s prohibition of the merger between its wholly-owned subsidiary Ticketcorner AG and Starticket AG. The Federal Supreme Court thereby clarifies that (...)

Frank Bremer, Marcel Meinhardt The Swiss Competition Authority closes proceedings without further action against a Swiss individual with a formerly controlling stake in companies investigated for possible abuse of a dominant position


Swiss Competition Commission rejects liability of a natural person with a controlling shareholding in companies under cartel investigation* On November 18, 2013, the Swiss Competition Commission (ComCo) closed proceedings without further action against a Swiss individual with a formerly (...)



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