European Commission - Legal Service (Brussels)

Marc van Hoof

European Commission - Legal Service (Brussels)
Principal Legal Adviser - Équipe SOC

Marc van Hoof is currently Principal Legal Adviser - Équipe SOC at the Legal department of the European Commission. He started in the Commission in DGIII(Internal Market) in 1986, first in the unit in charge of free movement of goods and later in the unit in charge of the single market. In 1991, he joined the Cabinet of Commissioner Van Miert and was responsible mainly for air transport policy. In 1993, Karel Van Miert became Competition Commissioner and Marc was named Cabinet Member responsible for State Aids and later (in 1997) became Deputy Head of Cabinet of Mr Van Miert. When Mario Monti took over as Competition Commissioner in 1999, Marc was once again selected as Deputy Head of Cabinet. In January 2000, Mr Monti appointed him has his Head of Cabinet. In November 2004, he was appointed Director of State Aid policy in the Competition Directorate-General.

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18622 Review

Antoine Gosset-Grainville, Denis Samuel Lajeunesse, François Souty, Frédéric Jenny, Guillaume Cerutti, Hubert Legal, Jacques Barrot, Jacques Derenne, Jacques-Philippe Gunther, Jean-Patrice de La Laurencie, Jean-Yves Chérot, Laurence Idot, Marc van Hoof, Marie-Dominique Hagelsteen, Nicola Pesaresi, Valérie Rabassa, Xavier de Roux Conference: The EC State Aid Reform (Paris, 8 December 2005)


The proceedings of this colloquium are organised in two parts. In the first stage, the two main axes of the reform are studied: In substantive terms, the aim of the Community reform is to introduce a more economic analysis of aid in this area too. Following the presentation made by Ms Rabassa (...)