Marc Lebourges

Orange (Paris)

Marc Lebourges is director of European Regulation and Economic Studies at the Direction of Regulatory Affairs of Orange. He is also president of the Working Group on the Competition Policy of the European Telecommunications Network Operators association (ETNO) that represents incumbent operators in Brussels. He was previously a researcher in the field of network optimisation at the National Telecommunications Study Center, director of studies at the Direction of Strategy of Orange and director of marketing in the field of relations with other French operators.

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606 Review

Bruno Lasserre, Edouard Geffray, Marc Bourreau, Marc Lebourges, Nicolas Curien, Philippe Chantepie, Sebastien Soriano Regulating a dominant model: Economy of digital platforms (Paris, 7 April 2015)


Platform regulation means adapting general laws to the digitalisation of the economy, whether general law concerns consumer protection, contracts between commercial partners, competition or data protection, rather than extending telecom rules which should on the contrary only apply to networks (...)

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