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Maik Wolf

Free University of Berlin (Berlin)

Maik Wolf is academic assistant at the chair of Professor Dr. h.c. Saecker at the Institute for German and European Business, Competition and Regulation Law at the Free University Berlin since 2004. His main field of interest includes Competition and Regulation Law. He was born in Germany in 1979. He obtained his legal education at the Free University of Berlin. After receiving his first law degree he earned a Doctor of Laws degree (Dr. iur.) for his thesis on European merger control law dealing with the integration of an efficiency defence. His national and international antitrust law experience includes working as a stagiaire at the German Federal Ministry of Economics, at Hogan & Hartson, Raue law firm and at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition in Brussels.


7152 Bulletin

Maik Wolf The German Federal Court of Justice affirms the coherence of German and European Competition law and German Civil law concerning anticompetitive practices (Subcontractor II)


Facts The parties argue about the validity of a post-contractual non-compete clause. The plaintiff deals with the development, production and construction of certain technical equipments. The defendant was an employee of the plaintiff in the past. Then he went into business for himself on the (...)

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