Magdalena Brenning-Louko

Lawyer / Journalist

Magdalena Brenning-Louko is a journalist. She used to be senior policy analyst at DG Comp (European Commission) from 1997 to 2013. Prior to that, she was working at Finnish Competition Authority. She graduated a Master of Laws (LL.M.),specialized in Competition Law at Uppsala University and a postgraduate master specialized in EU Law from the College of Europe.


2964 Bulletin

Antonio Carlos Teixeira, Lukas Repa, Magdalena Brenning-Louko, Tanya Panova The EU Commission issues preliminary results of its sector inquiry into payment cards industry raising competition concerns


"Preliminary results of Commission sector inquiry in payment cards industry raise competition concerns"* 1. Introduction The payment cards industry is of growing economic importance in Europe. Cards increasingly replace cash and cheques as payment means for over the counter purchases. In (...)

Magdalena Brenning-Louko The EU Court of Justice upholds the Commission’s decision concerning State aid implemented by the Netherlands for Dutch service stations located near the German border and clarifies the interpretation of the de minimis rule (Netherlands / Commission)


"Clarification on the interpretation of the de minimis rule in State aid — the European Court of Justice upholds the Commission’s Dutch service station decision"* Introduction On 13 June 2002, the European Court of Justice (‘the Court’ or ‘the ECJ’) upheld (‘the Judgment’) the Commission’s (...)


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