Madalena Sutcliffe

Madalena Sutcliffe (Lisbon)
Executive Coach

Madalena Sutcliffe is a freelance Executive Coach. Before that, she was the Head of the Legal & Regulation Department of the Cabovisão and Oni Telecom Group in Portugal, Lisbon. She was admitted with distinction to the Portuguese Bar Association in 2006. She specialises in EU Law, Competition Law and Electronic Communications Law and related matters. Prior to working in a Telecom Company, Madalena worked for the Government and also for the European Commission, in DG Competition. She started her work experience in one of the major Law Firms in Lisbon: Vieira de Almeida & Associados. There her work involved drafting legal opinions to national and international clients and submitting written observations to the Portuguese Competition Authority and to the European Commission. Madalena also has had work experience in the pharmaceutical sector. She graduated from the Lisbon University of Law and has a Masters from the College of Europe, Major in Law (Natolin, Poland).


6765 Bulletin

Madalena Sutcliffe, Miguel Gorjão-Henriques The Portuguese merger regime narrows the time limits for control and the time frame to notify takeover bids (Act, 2 Nov. 2006)


The Portuguese Government recently adopted Decree Law 219/2006 of 2 November 2006 (“DL 219/2006” ). This diploma intends to implement Directive 2004/25/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 21 april 2004, on takeover bids (OJEU L 142, 30 April 2004, pp. 12-23 ; “European Takeover (...)

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