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Luís Miguel Pais Antunes

PLMJ (Lisbon)
Lawyer (Partner)

Luis Pais Antunes is a partner at PLMJ in Lisbon, since 1997. He is also a visiting professor at the Law Faculty of the Coimbra University and at the Law Faculty of Oporto’s Catholic University. He is a former member of the Portuguese Government (2002-2005) and of the Portuguese Parliament (2005-2009), where he served as Vice-President of the European Affairs Committee. In 1986, Luis joined the Competition team of the European Commission’s Legal Service and subsequently moved to Luxembourg where he served as Legal Secretary (Référendaire) of the President of the Court of First Instance during its five initial years. Prior joining PLMJ, he served as director-general for Competition in Portugal between 1994 and 1997. Luis has a law degree from the Law Faculty of the Coimbra University and an MA in Advanced European and International Studies.

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