Cuatrecasas (Madrid)

Luis Loras

Cuatrecasas (Madrid)
Lawyer (Associate)

Mr. Loras is a practising Spanish lawyer specialized in the field of competition law and commercial litigation. He is a member of the Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira competition law private enforcement group and is currently involved in complex disputes in several jurisdictions.

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Cuatrecasas (Madrid)


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Anne-Sophie Choné-Grimaldi, Ashley E. Bass, Florian Bien, Florian Wagner-von Papp, Luis Loras, Miguel Angel Malo, Paul Hitchings, Peter D. Camesasca, Rafael P. Amaro, Silvia Pietrini Implementation of EU Directive 2014/104 on actions for damages for infringements of competition law


The directive on actions for damages for infringements of the competition law has been published on 26 november 2014. This On Topic aims to show the principal issues that arise from the expected implementation of the directive on national laws. Presentation ---- Anne-Sophie Choné-Grimaldi (...)

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