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Luis Agosti

Compass Lexecon (Madrid)
Vice President

Luis is Vice President at FTI Compass Lexecon, an international consulting firm that provides research and analysis in the field of applied microeconomics, including the economics of competition, regulation and finance. Luis belongs to the Energy Practice group and is based in Madrid. He joined FTI Compass Lexecon (previously LECG) in May 2004. During his years in consultancy he has specialized in the energy sector. Luis has actively advised energy companies in Spain and Europe on issues related to natural gas price reviews and arbitrations, assessment of damages from breach of contracts, assessment of merger effects on market competition from important energy mergers in Spain. He has extensive knowledge of the major economic issues in relation to Spanish natural gas and electric power markets. He has worked and led project teams working on behalf of different producers in relation to three price reviews involving long-term supply contracts for LNG in Spain. He has also worked on a number of other price reviews involving LNG and piped gas in different parts of Europe. Luis has provided expert advice and written expert and oral testimony before antitrust, regulatory authorities and tribunals. Additional work relates to economic analysis of energy markets from a regulatory perspective including cost benefit analysis and the impact on competition of newly introduced regulation. Luis is also co-author on several articles related to the liberalization of the Spanish energy market, competition in the Spanish power market, and the role of renewable energy in the Spanish power market.

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21922 Bulletin

Elvira Muñoz Villar, Luis Agosti The Spanish Antitrust Authority fines € 4 M an olive oil manufacturer and a large retail distributors for retail price maintenance (Aceites)


The Spanish Antitrust Court (Tribunal de Defensa de la Competencia, TDC) has imposed fines of 2 million euros to the SOS-Cuétara group (the largest olive oil manufacturer in Spain), and 2 million euros to be distributed among the main retailers in proportion to their shopping area. The TDC found (...)

Luis Agosti The Spanish Competition Court of Appeal revokes the Competition Authority’s decision on an abuse of dominance due to the absence of anticompetitive effects on the market regarding access to liquid natural gas importing infrastructures (Gas natural)


The Antitrust Court Decision In June 2006 the Tribunal de Defensa de la Competencia, the former antitrust court in Spain, hereafter TDC, imposed an 8 million euro fine to Gas Natural, the main natural gas operator in Spain, on the basis of an abuse of dominant position regarding access to (...)

Jorge Padilla, Luis Agosti The Spanish Competition Authority fines €2,5M an electricity producer for abusive prices in the electricity generation schedules adjustment market (Viesgo Generación)


On December 2006, the Spanish Antitrust Court, TDC, imposed a fine to Enel Viesgo: 2,5 million €. According to the TDC, Enel Viesgo has abused its dominant position in the electricity generation schedules adjustment market by setting excessively high prices (Mercado de restricciones). This (...)

Luis Agosti The Madrid Commercial Court suspends the incumbent gas company’s public acquisition offer on a direct competitor on the basis of a potential infringement of Art. 81 EC (Gas Natural / Endesa)


On March 21st 2006, a Spanish commercial court temporarily suspended the unsolicited bid made by Gas Natural to acquire Endesa, while it investigates Endesa’s allegation that Gas Natural infringed Article 81 by acting in agreement with Iberdrola to remove Endesa from the market by means of a (...)

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