Luciano Vasques

Studio Legale DDPV (Rome)
Lawyer (Partner)

Luciano Vasques is partner at Studio legale DDPV (Rome). He graduated from the University of Catania (1982/1986, magna cum laude) and Universities of Rome Bari and Catania (Doctorate) (1988-1991). Luciano obtained also a scholarship from the Max Planck Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht (1989). Luciano joined the Rome Bar in 1993. He has been a Partner with White & Case Rome (2001-2006) and was now a partner of Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati. He is currently founding partner of studio DDPV. Luciano concentrates on antitrust and other regulatory matters in Italy and the European Union. As an officer of and counsel to the Italian Antitrust Authority, Mr. Vasques was involved in proceedings in the Italian manufacturing, oil, energy, gas, water distribution, waste disposal (domestic and industrial waste) and public utilities sectors. He also participated in the drafting of the Italian Antitrust Authority’s advisory opinions that resulted in the amendment of Italian laws relating to waste disposal and public utilities matters. During this period, Mr. Vasques drafted many defensive memoranda for the Authority’s defense in numerous claims against its decisions and was responsible for preparing many of the internal guidelines that were used by the Authority in the interpretation of EU and Italian antitrust laws. Following his public service career, Mr. Vasques joined another international law firm in Rome. As a member of its Competition and Trade and Energy practice groups, he advised clients on Italian competition matters, EU and US merger approvals, State aid issues, telecommunications, electricity and gas regulations, as well as complex antitrust issues arising from merger and acquisition transactions. Mr. Vasques has written widely on antitrust and corporate law for leading Italian and international periodicals and is the author of a book on the application of antitrust principles relating to Italian public utilities.


66755 Bulletin

Luciano Vasques The Italian Administrative Supreme Court confirms € 370 million fine against a cartel in the jet fuel market, launching debates on a new era for European joint-ventures (Rifornimenti Aeroportuali)


Preface The Italian Administrative Supreme Court (Consiglio di Stato “CdS”), following the appeal of the investigated companies, did not annul the Italian Antitrust Authority’s (the “Authority”) decision concerning an alleged collusion in the jet fuel market among several oil companies () (the (...)

Luciano Vasques The Italian Competition Authority accepts commitments from the main mobile phone operators following investigations on alleged abuse of joint dominant position (Vodafone / TIM / Wind)


The Italian antitrust Authority closed an investigation against the main mobile phone operators in Italy (Telecom Italia Mobile SpA , Vodafone Omnitel and Wind) for an alleged abuse of their joint dominant position in the markets of telecommunication services in Italy. In particular, the (...)

Federico Perego, Luciano Vasques The Italian Competition Authority grants leniency for the first time, fining 8 companies for a total of € 31 M and granting total immunity to the first leniency applicant (Produttori di pannelli truciolari in legno)


On 17 May 2007 the Italian National Competition Authority (the «Authority») closed an in-depth investigation concerning an alleged cartel implemented by several Italian chipboard panels’ producers. The relevant product market has been defined as including raw and faced chipboard panels. Being raw (...)

Luciano Vasques The Italian antitrust authority closes its investigation for alleged violation of Art. 81 EC in the press advertising market by accepting strict commitments (Accertamenti Diffusione Stampa e Audipress)


The Italian Parliament recently enacted several law provisions which modify the investigation proceedings of the Italian antitrust Authority (“Authority”). In Particular, the so called Bersani Decree allows the Authority to use legal tools (already adopted by the EC Commission after the enactment (...)

Annalisa Luciani, Luciano Vasques The Italian Competition Authority imposes the national banks association to withdraw its interpretative circular relating to the new provisions on the unilateral changes of banking contractual conditions (ABI)


On 14 September 2006, the Italian Antitrust Authority (the “Authority”) started an in depth investigation (the “Decision”) to ascertain whether the circular, distributed by the Italian Banks Association (“ABI”) on 7 August 2006, and dealing with the application of new rules on unilateral changes to (...)

Annalisa Luciani, Luciano Vasques The Italian Competition Authority starts an in-depth investigation in the water management services market for alleged infringements of Art. 81 EC (Acea / Suez / Publiacqua)


On the 31st of May 2006, the Italian Antitrust Authority (“Authority”) opened an in depth investigation against Publiacqua S.p.A. (“PBA”), Acea S.p.A. (“Acea”) and Suez Environnement S.a. (“Suez”) for alleged breach of Article 81(1) of the EC Treaty. PBA is a company which manages water services (...)

Luciano Vasques The Italian Competition Authority, after investigative coordination with a criminal court, imposes EUR 3.7 million fines to antiseptic and disinfectant product distributors for infringement of Art. 81 EC (Prodotti disinfettanti)


The Italian Antitrust Authority (Autorità Garante della Concorreza e del Mercato, the “Authority”) has fined producers and distributors of disinfectant and antiseptic products (Astrazeneca S.p.A., Bergamon S.r.l., B. Braun Milano S.p.A., Esoform S.p.A., Farmec S.r.l., Nuova Farmec S.r.l., Germo (...)

Luciano Vasques, Silvio Nobili The Italian Competition Authority fines gas supplier for abuse of dominant position in wholesale supply of natural gas on the basis of Art. 82 EC (Trans Tunisian Pipeline / ENI)


On 15 February 2006, The Italian Competition Authority (the “Authority”), alleged that ENI had abused its dominant position in the market of wholesale supply of natural gas in Italy (the “relevant Market”) by impeding the entry of competitors into the Relevant Market (“Authority decision”). The (...)

Luciano Vasques, Valentina Gavioli The Italian Competition Authority launches an investigation in the pharmaceutical sector for generics under Art. 82 EC (Merck-Principi attivi / Imipenem Cilastatina)


The “Autorità Garante della Concurrenza e del Mercato” - the Italian national competition authority (the “Authority”) - recently started an investigation in the pharmaceutical sector under article 82 of the EC Treaty. The issue is to determine whether Merck is in a dominant position in the market (...)

Luciano Vasques An Italian Court states that the information exchange organised among insurance companies has no effect on competition (San Paolo IMI Wealth Management)


The Italian national jurisdiction (Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale del Lazio - the “TAR”) annuled a decision of the Italian national competition authority (the “Authority”) concerning an alleged infringement of art 2 of Italian Antitrust Law (a provision similar to art 81 EC). In June 2003, two (...)

Luciano Vasques, Valentina Gavioli The Italian Competition Authority finds pharmaceutical companies guilty of abuse of dominant position and imposes a drug production license (Merck / Glaxo)


The Italian national competition authority (“INCA”) recently opened an in-depth investigation in the pharmaceutical sector, for breach of art. 82 of the EC Treaty. This is the first time that the INCA imposes interim measures according to art. 5 of Council Regulation n° 1/2003, of 16 December (...)

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