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Leslie Neubecker

Financial Conduct Authority (London)
Technical Specialist

Leslie Neubecker is a Technical Specialist at the Financial Conduct Authority since 2015. She was previously a Senior Economist, Wholesale Markets at OFGEM. Prior to that, she worked as an Economic Adviser at Competition Commission of London during 3 years and as an Associate at RBB Economics from May 2005 till december 2009. Prior to joining RBB, Leslie has worked at the University of Tübingen, where she taught industrial organisation and advanced microeconomics. There, she also completed her PhD on firms’ ability to use long-run decisions to facilitate explicit or implicit co-ordination. Her work includes several publications, particularly on horizontal collusion.

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Financial Conduct Authority (London)
Financial Conduct Authority (London)
Financial Conduct Authority (London)
Financial Conduct Authority (London)


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