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Lesley Hannah is a partner in Hausfeld’s London office specialising in the field of competition damages and data breach litigation. Lesley is currently leading collective proceedings against Apple alleging abuse of dominance in relation to app store commissions as well as a data breach claim against YouTube concerning the illegal use of children’s data


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3889 Bulletin

Lesley Hannah, Anna Stellardi, Sofie Edwards The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal issues opt-out certification decision in a class action brought against a Big Tech by a consumer advocate (Liz Coll / Google)


On 31 August 2022, the Competition Appeal Tribunal released its judgment in Elizabeth Helen Coll v Alphabet Inc. and Others [2022] CAT 39, which confirms that consumer champion Liz Coll is authorised to bring an opt-out collective claim against Google for alleged competition law infringements (...)

Lesley Hannah, Ginevra Bicciolo The EU Court of Justice delivers a ruling which sheds more light on non-price abuses under Article 102 TFEU in relation to conduct which constitutes an abuse of dominance and the interpretation of the concept of "competition on the merits" (Servizio Elettrico Nazionale)


Exclusionary non-price abuses under Article 102 TFEU: useful guidance from the CJEU The recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in C-377/20, Servizio Elettrico Nazionale and Others v Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato is a helpful summary of the (...)

Thomas Höppner, Anna Morfey, Lesley Hannah, Stella Gartagani, Kio Gwilliam, Phillipp Westerhoff, Johannes Wick, Maximilian Volmar, Ami Ndukwe The EU General Court upholds a €2.42B fine imposed on a Big Tech company and dismisses an appeal against the Competition Authority’s decision (Google Shopping)


The General Court has today dismissed Google’s appeal of the European Commission’s Google Shopping Decision from June 2017 and has upheld the EUR 2.42 billion fine imposed on Google – a record fine at the time. The General Court agreed with the European Commission’s finding (in its vast majority) (...)

Lesley Hannah The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal provides guidance for post-Brexit permission to serve out of the jurisdiction applications and confirms that damages occasioned by anti-competitive conduct will not be narrowly construed (Epic Games / Apple / Google)


The Tribunal issued its combined permission to serve out of the jurisdiction judgment in Epic Games v Apple (the Apple Claim) and Epic Games v Google (the Google Claim) on 22 February 2021, declining permission for service on Apple Inc. and granting permission for service for a subset of (...)

Lesley Hannah, Kio Gwilliam The EU Commission announces a package of digital markets legislation intended to better regulate major online platforms and to protect consumers and businesses


On 15th December, the European Commission announced a package of digital markets legislation intended to give the Commission the power to better regulate major online platforms and to protect European consumers and businessess for effectively: the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets (...)

Lesley Hannah, Kio Gwilliam, Antonio Delussu The EU Commission publishes legislative measures to promote a borderless single market for digital services and increase responsibility and accountability for digital platforms


The draft Digital Services Act (DSA) is one of two legislative measures proposed by the European Commission (Commission) aimed at promoting a borderless single market for digital services and increasing responsibility and accountability for digital platform; the second being the Digital Markets (...)

Lesley Hannah The EU Court of Justice clarifies the application of the special jurisdiction rules in the Brussels recast regulation regarding an action based on an abuse of dominant position (Wikingerhof /


The Brexit “deal” may be done but the judgments of the CJEU continue to be relevant for competition damages claims in the UK. The pre-end of transition period judgment of the CJEU in C-59/19 Wikingerhof GmbH & Co. KG v BV (Wikingerhof) of 24 November 2020 clarifies the (...)

Lesley Hannah The EU Court of Justice finds, following a preliminary reference, that certain interchange fees imposed by a bank payable on cross-border card transactions within the EEA are anticompetitive (Budapest Bank)


On 2 April, the European Court of Justice (“CJEU”) issued a judgment arising from a preliminary reference from the Hungarian Supreme Court concerning a 2009 decision by the Hungarian Competition Authority against Visa Europe Ltd (“Visa”), MasterCard Europe SA (“MasterCard”) and a number of (...)

Claus Wenzler, Kio Gwilliam, Stella Gartagani, Lesley Hannah The UK High Court issues guidance on the balancing of conflicting interest in a case involving the protection of a Big Tech’s confidential and technical information on its search algorithms (Foundem / Google)


Introduction There is an emerging trend in competition damages cases in England for the majority of documents to be disclosed into so-called “confidentiality rings.” These restrictive confidentiality procedures can result, in certain instances, in the parties themselves being precluded from (...)

Lesley Hannah, Claus Wenzler The EU General Court hears an appeal following an abuse of dominance decision involving online comparison shopping services (Google Shopping)


Introduction From 12-14 February 2020, the European Union’s General Court (the “General Court”) heard Google’s appeal of the European Commission’s 27 June 2017 abuse of dominance decision pursuant to Article 102 TFEU (the “Decision”) involving on-line comparison shopping services (“CSSs”). A central (...)

Lesley Hannah, Ann-Christin Richter The EU Court of Justice provides guidance on patent settlements between manufacturers of the originator and generic medicines (Generics - UK / GlaxoSmithKline / Actavis / Xellia Pharmaceuticals / Merck / Alpharma)


On 30 January 2020, the European Court of Justice released its judgment relating to a patent dispute between the pharmaceutical patent-holder, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and a generic drug maker concluding that originators and generics are in fact “potential competitors” if the generic drugmaker has (...)

Lesley Hannah, Stella Gartagani, Claus Wenzler The French Competition Authority rules that a Big Tech firm had abused its dominant position in the French market for search advertising through its auction-based advertising system (Google)


Introduction On 20 December 2019, the French Competition Authority (Autorité de la Concurrence) (the “Authority”) announced its finding that Google had abused its dominant position in the French market for search advertising through the operating rules applied by Google Ads (previously known as (...)

Lesley Hannah The EU Court of Justice hands down a judgement in which it ensures that victims of competition law breaches get compensation in the context of an asphalt cartel (Vantaan Kaupunki / Skanska Industrial Solutions)


On 14 March 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) handed down an important judgment for victims of competition law infringements: ensuring that their fundamental right to compensation for losses caused by such infringements cannot be circumvented by the sale or dissolution of (...)

Lesley Hannah The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit holds that indirect purchases do not fall under the domestic effects exception to the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvement Act (Motorola Mobility / AU Optronics)


Although cartels with a global reach are increasingly common, recent decisions from courts in both the United States and United Kingdom have narrowly interpreted the territorial scope of antitrust laws in both jurisdictions. In the United States, the Seventh Circuit held in Motorola Mobility (...)

Boris Bronfentrinker, Lesley Hannah The EU Parliament approves the Commission’s proposal for a new directive that will harmonise national rules in order to make it easier for consumers and businesses to recover damages for competition law infringements


Significant developments in private enforcement of competition law – EU Parliament passes Commission’s Directive* Co-authored by Boris Bronfentrinker and Lesley Hannah, Hausfeld LLP On 17 April 2014, a major step was taken in facilitating the pursuit of cartel damages claims across Europe. The (...)

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