Bocconi University (Milan)

Leonardo S. Borlini

Singapore Management University, Bocconi University (Milan), Peking University School of Transnational Law
Associate Professor and Researcher

Leonardo Borloni is a qualified lawyer at the Bar of Milan and Associate Professor of International Law at University Bocconi (Milan) and Visiting Professor at the School of Transnational Law of Peking University. Since 2012 a member of the Department of Legal Studies of Bocconi University and Faculty Member of the Ph.D. in Legal Studies, he is also a Fellow at the BAFFI CAREFIN (Centre for Applied Research on International Markets, Banking, Finance and Regulation) and Researcher for the Covid Crisis Lab. In 2021 Leonardo Borloni obtained the National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor in International Law (ASN-I Fascia) by unanimous decision of the Commission. In 2019, he was a Fulbright Research Scholar Grant at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Apart from his academic appointments, Leonardo Borloni has served the International Monetary Fund (IMF); worked as Associate lawyer of Grande Stevens Law Firm (Milan-Turin-Rome, Italy), and consulted the EU, World Bank Group (Public Accountability Mechanism), Council of Europe, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). In addition, he was a consultant for the Italian Competition Authority, ENI SpA, Leonardo SpA, KPMG, Dentos Law Firm Ernst & Young, U4 -Anti-Corruption Resource Centre at Chr. Michelsen Institute, Transparency International, and a number of primary law firms in Italy. Within the private sector, he has extensively consulted clients on competition law issues, regulation in the financial and banking sector, AML/CFT compliance, anti-corruption procedures.

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1259 Bulletin

Leonardo S. Borlini The Italian Competition Authority finds no abusive conduct for travel facility access and accepts commitments for maintenance area access (NTV/RFI-Accesso al Nodo di Napoli)


On October 22nd, 2009, the Italian Competition Authority (hereinafter: AGCM) handed down two distinct rulings which concluded the investigatory proceedings concerning FS (Ferrovie dello Stato) and RFI (Italian Railway Network). The two companies were allegedly engaged in abusive excluding (...)

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