Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi

French Competition Authority (Paris)
Permanent Rapporteur

Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi is Permanent Rapporteur at the French Competition Authority since 2011 (Antitrust Unit). Prior to her current position, she was a lawyer in private practice specialized in French and EU competition law (White & Case LLP– Member of the Paris Competition practice group from 2004 to 2010).

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43477 Bulletin

Julien Payré, Juliette Goyer, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The French National Competition Authority dismisses a claim for predatory pricing under Art. 82 EC and article L. 420-2 of the French commercial Code (Chep France)


Background The Competition Authority (thereafter “Authority”) dismisses alleged practices of predatory pricing and discriminatory practices in the market for renting of plastic bins and pallets in France implemented by the leader in the French market, Chep France (hereafter “Chep”), a subsidiary (...)

Juliette Goyer, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The French NCA sanctions four companies for bid rigging practices in the moderate-rent housing sector but significantly reduces the amount of the fine in application of the settlement procedure (Spid, Spid Anjou, Haute Mayenne Services, Onet Services)


In its decision dated 11 June 2008, the French Competition Council sanctioned four companies that tendered to a servicing of premises bid launched by a Public Office for moderate-rent housing, for violating Articles 81 of the EC Treaty and its French equivalent, article L. 420-1 of the (...)

Juliette Goyer, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The Court of Appeal of Pau declares void a commissioning agreement containing a mutual exclusivity obligation on the basis of Art. 81 EC (Prim’Co)


In a case dated 28 August 2007, the Court of Appeal of the city of Pau confirmed a judgment by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Mont de Marsan in which the first judge annulled a Commissioning contract for violation of Article L. 420-1 of the French Commercial Code, the French equivalent of (...)

Dominique Enjolras, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The French Commercial Supreme Court rules that exchange of information between competitors in an oligopolistic market is not per se contrary to Art. 81 EC and national equivalent provision (Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR)


French Commercial Supreme Court [Cour de cassation (Chambre commerciale, financière et économique)], 29 June 2007, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR, Cases n° U 07-10.303, Z 07-10.354 and W 07-10.397 Background On 29 June the French Commercial Supreme Court (“the Supreme Court”) ruled on a (...)

Dominique Enjolras, Juliette Goyer, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The French Competition Council fines a chain store chocolate franchisor for a price fixing practices in sales to work councils (Jeff de Bruges)


French Competition Council (Conseil de la Concurrence), 24 January 2007, Decision n° 07-D-04, rregarding practices implemented by the Jeff de Bruges franchise network (“relative à des pratiques mises en œuvre par le réseau de franchise Jeff de Bruges”) In a decision dated 24 January 2007, the (...)

Juliette Goyer, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The French Competition Council fines an exclusivity purchase clause contained in a selective distribution agreement on the basis of both Art. 81.1 EC and French provisions (NGK Spark Plugs)


In its decision issued on 21 July 2006, the French Competition Council fined NGK Spark Plugs France (hereinafter “NGK France”), a French subsidiary of NGK Japan, active in the French market for spark plugs for two-wheel vehicles, for breach of both article 81 of the EC treaty and its French (...)

Juliette Goyer, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The French Competition Council fines the postal incumbent for abuse of dominant position under both national and EC competition provisions (La Poste)


In a decision dated 17 November 2005 (Decision n° 05-D-63), the French Competition Council sanctioned La Poste, the French postal service, for abusing its dominant position and imposed €1 million fine based on both Article L. 420-2 of the French Commercial Code and Article 82 of the EC Treaty. (...)

Juliette Goyer, Lauriane Lépine-Sarandi The French Competition Authority fines a price-fixing cartel in the essential lavender oils sector under Art. 81.1 EC (CIHEF)


In a recent decision, dated 12 October 2005 (Decision n° 05-D-55), the French Competition Council sanctioned the Comité Interprofessionnel des huiles essentielles françaises (“CIHEF”), a trade association composed of both producers and buyers of essential oils, for fixing minimum wholesale prices (...)

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