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Laurent De Muyter is an Antitrust, Telecom and Data Protection Partner at Jones Day in their Brussels office. With more than 20 years of experience, he is an EU regulatory lawyer whose practice focuses on electronic communications, digital, data protection, and antitrust regulations. He ensures clients’ regulatory compliance and also represents clients in challenges before the EU Commission and national regulators/courts in relation to infringement procedures and related damage claims. Laurent De Muyter’s data protection experience includes advising companies on issues such as drafting privacy policies, establishing direct marketing and whistleblower schemes, handling data breaches, international data transfers, data portability, data retention, and cybersecurity. His antitrust experience covers anticompetitive practices and merger filings at the EU and national levels across various industries, including automotive, chemicals, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, oil, telecoms, tobacco, and waste management. He regularly advises clients on compliance in relation to cooperation agreements, distribution, and technology licensing. Laurent De Muyter is a member ("assessor") of the decisional body of the Belgian Competition Authority since 2013 and a lecturer at the University of Liège where teaches a course on AI and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). He currently is co-chair of the IBA Communications Law Committee and is also a member of IAPP and Amcham EU. Laurent worked in-house at the GSM Association in London in 2008.


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4170 Bulletin

Jürgen Beninca, Nicolas Brice, Serge Clerckx, Stefano Crosio, Laurent De Muyter, Raimundo Ortega, Rick van ’t Hullenaar The EU Court of Justice clarifies the conditions under which member states can block FDI and rules that FDI screening mechanisms does not apply to EU-based purchasers (Xella Magyarország)


In Short The Situation: On July 13, 2023, the European Court of Justice ("ECJ") issued a judgment (Case C-106/22 - Xella) clarifying the conditions under which EU Member States may screen and block foreign direct investments. The Background: Over the past few years, EU Member States have (...)

Jürgen Beninca, Nicolas Brice, Serge Clerckx, Stefano Crosio, Laurent De Muyter, Mark Jones, Raimundo Ortega, Rick van ’t Hullenaar The Belgian Government implements a new uniform Foreign Direct Investment screening mechanism which imposes pre-closing filing requirements on non-EU investments into various industry sectors in Belgium


In Short The Development: The new Belgian foreign direct investment screening law ("FDI Regime") imposes preclosing filing requirements on non-EU investments into various industry sectors in Belgium, including energy, electronic communication, tech, and defense. The Background: Belgium (...)

Bernard Amory, Charlotte Breuvart, Serge Clerckx, Charles de Navacelle, Laurent De Muyter, Yvan N. Desmedt, Kaarli Harry Eichhorn, Mario Todino, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Philipp Werner The EU Commission takes action to amend the Framework on exclusionary abuses of dominance


In Short The Situation: On 27 March 2023, the European Commission ("Commission") published a Communication amending its 2008 Guidance on enforcement priorities concerning exclusionary abuses ("amended 2008 Guidance Paper"), and launched a consultation process for the adoption of Guidelines (...)

Yvan N. Desmedt, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Laurent De Muyter, Rémy Fekete, Holger Neumann, Marta Lahuerta Escolano The EU Commission proposes a draft Gigabit Infrastructure Act to fast-track the deployment of very high-capacity fixed and mobile connectivity and replace the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive


In Short The Situation: The European Commission has presented three initiatives to transform the connectivity sector on 23 February 2023 (the "Connectivity Package"). The State of Play: The European Commission has proposed a draft Gigabit Infrastructure Act ("GIA") proposal that would come (...)

Laurent De Muyter, Jörg Hladjk, Holger Neumann, Undine Von Diemar, Olivier Haas, Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford The EU Commission proposes a Data Act to enhance data access and sharing within the Union


On February 23, 2022, the European Commission ("Commission") published a proposal for a Data Act which aims at enhancing data access and use within the European Union ("EU"). The Data Act will be applicable to both personal and non-personal data, and will be relevant for all companies (...)

Jürgen Beninca, Nicolas Brice, Serge Clerckx, Laurent De Muyter, Alexandre G. Verheyden The EU Commission blocks Hungary’s attempt to veto a transaction in the insurance sector under FDI rules (AEGON / Vienna Insurance)


In Short The Situation: The European Commission ("EC") issued its first decision ("Decision") regarding the intersection of EU merger control rules and the recent growth in national Foreign Direct Investment ("FDI") regimes. The EC found that the Hungarian government’s decision to block a (...)

Bernard Amory, Jürgen Beninca, Laurent De Muyter, Geoffroy Van De Walle, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Craig A. Waldman The EU General Court annuls the Commission’s landmark decision fining a semiconductor company for €1.06B for abuse of dominant position (Intel)


The EU General Court ("GC") annulled the European Commission’s €1.06 billion antitrust fine imposed on Intel in 2009 for allegedly abusing its dominant position in x86 Central Processing Units ("CPUs") by offering loyalty rebates to customers, excluding competitors such as AMD. The GC held (...)

Laurent De Muyter, Carsten Gromotke, Jürgen Beninca, Michael A. Gleason, Hiromitsu Miyakawa, Prudence Smith, Craig A. Waldman, Philipp Werner, Johannes Zöttl The German Parliament adopts competition rules for tech platforms


In Short The Development: The Bundestag, the German legislature, amended Germany’s antitrust laws to include special competition rules for digital platform "companies with overwhelming importance for competition across multiple markets." The amendments, known as the GWB Digitization Act or (...)

Laurent De Muyter, Bernard Amory, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Yvan N. Desmedt, Eric Barbier de la Serre, Craig A. Waldman, Jörg Hladjk, Undine Von Diemar, Matt Evans The EU Commission unveils sweeping proposals to regulate the digital sector


In Short The Development: The European Commission ("EC") recently released two long-awaited legislative proposals, the Digital Services Act ("DSA") and Digital Markets Act ("DMA"), that would significantly increase the EC’s regulatory oversight of online platform companies (previewed in our (...)

Bernard Amory, Laurent De Muyter Telecom & concerted practices: an overview of EU and national case law


From the very beginning of liberalization of the electronic communications sector in the 1990’s, competition law has played a key role, in particular by adopting decisions and legislation based on Article 106 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (“TFEU”) combined with Articles 101 and 102 TFEU. Today, the sector specific rules that regulate the electronic communications sector are still largely built on competition law concepts such as market definition, significant market position, and remedies.

Yvan N. Desmedt, Laurent De Muyter, Eva Monard, Alexandre G. Verheyden The EU Commission endorses the toolbox of mitigating measures aiming to secure 5G network in the Union due to alleged ties between certain telecom equipment suppliers and foreign governments


In January 2020, the European Commission endorsed the Toolbox of mitigating measures agreed by the Member States of the European Union to address security risks related to the rollout of 5G. The protection of national security, and cybersecurity in particular, are unquestionably legitimate (...)

Alexandre G. Verheyden, Bernard Amory, Jürgen Beninca, Laurent De Muyter The EU Court of Justice annuls the General Court’s ruling that upheld the fine imposed by the Commission for an abuse of dominance (Intel)


What happened? The European Court of Justice ("ECJ") set aside a General Court ruling that had upheld a €1.06 billion fine imposed by the European Commission on Intel for abusing its dominant position in the market for x86 central processing units ("CPUs"). Background In its 2009 (...)

786 Review

Andrea Lofaro, Bernard Amory, Jan Peter van der Veer, Laurent De Muyter Opening competition in protected sectors: Should new entrants be protected? (New Frontiers of Antitrust, Paris, 22 February 2013)


This first roundtable of the conference “New frontiers of Antitrust”, Paris, 22th of February 2013, was dedicated to « Opening competition in protected sectors: Should new entrants be protected?». Bernard Amory and Laurent de Muyter, authors of the first contribution, provide some thoughts (...)



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