Laurent Benzoni

Tera Consultants (Paris)

Laurent Benzoni is founder and CEO of TERA Consultants since 1995. He is also professor at the CRED. He is professor and director of the Master 2 Economics of Networks at University Paris 2 Assas. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and International Finance.

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Tera Consultants (Paris)


2456 Review

Béatrice Charlier-Bonatti, Bruno Deffains, Charles Meteaut, Daniele Calisti, Jacques Derenne, Laurent Benzoni, Suzanne Carval What compensation? Which responsibles parties? (Antitrust damages actions in France and in Europe : Current situation and upcoming changements, Paris, 13 May 2014)


The final panel of the conference held in Paris the 13th May 2014 about the reparation of competitive damages was devoted to the civil liability of the infringers. This panel helped to address various sensitive aspects of a question submitted to several provisions of the directive proposition. (...)

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