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Dr. Laurens Ankersmit is an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. Prior he was a member of ClientEarth as EU trade and Environmental Lawyer. Before that, he worked at Clifford Chance. He studied law and international relations at the University of Groningen and at the College of Europe. He holds a Ph.D. in EU law from VU University, Amsterdam, writing his dissertation on fair and sustainable trade within the EU internal market. - See more at:

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1059 Bulletin

Laurens Ankersmit The European Court of Justice decides that competition law does not apply to arrangements among freelance substitute orchestra musicians that aim at improving their working conditions if these musicians can be qualified as ‘workers’ (Kunsten Informatie en Media)


Albany revisited: the Court directs NCA to carry a more social tune* In C-413/13 FNV Kunsten Informatie en Media, the Court decided that competition law does not apply to arrangements among freelance substitute orchestra musicians that aim to improving their working conditions. In so doing, (...)

Laurens Ankersmit The EU Court of Justice rules, in a transport sector case, on the interpretation of Article 101 TFEU and establishes that undertakings cannot escape fine liability on account of qualified legal advice (Schenker)


The principle of fault in EU competition law: C-681/11 Schenker & Co and others* In C-681/11 Schenker & Co and others this was more or less the defence a couple of Austrian transport companies came up with after being fined for infringing competition rules. Those companies had received (...)

Laurens Ankersmit The EU Court of Justice rules on the interpretation of Article 101 TFEU and finds that undertakings cannot justify a restriction of competition relying on the claim that a competitor operates illegally on the relevant market (Ceskoslovenska obchodna banka / Slovenska sporitelna / VUB)


Vigilantes on the market: Can undertakings restrict competition to ‘help out’ public authorities?* In an interesting case decided today the CJEU held that a number of Slovak banks could not exclude a competitor even if that competitor was allegedly operating illegally on the Slovak market. It’s (...)

Laurens Ankersmit The EU Court of Justice leaves for the referring court to determine whether the procured material could be regarded as specially designed and developed for military purposes in order to decide on compliance with the duty to organize a tender procedure (Insinööritoimisto InsTiimi)


Procuring military equipment under the public procurement directive* As one of the last bastions of purely national competence, trade in arms is excluded from the application of the Treaty rules. Article 346 TFEU provides that the Treaties do not preclude Member States to trade and procure war (...)

Laurens Ankersmit The EU Court of Justice establishes that public authorities can use fair trade criteria as criteria to award public supply contracts of products (Netherlands Max Havelaar)


Fair-trade coffee and tea under the procurement directive* Can public authorities procure fair trade products, or are they debarred from specifically referring to the fair trade qualities of those products under the public procurement directive (directive 2004/18/EC)? This is one of the issues (...)

Laurens Ankersmit The EU Court of Justice rules on the division of competencies between the national and the supranational enforcers of competition law in relation to a worldwide cartel on the market for gas insulated switchgear (Toshiba)


Delimitation of jurisdiction in competition law* What happens to the allocation of respective competences of the Commission and national competition authorities if an international cartel is implemented both in the EU and the Czech Republic before accession to the EU but action is taken after (...)

Laurens Ankersmit The AG Kokott of the EU Court of Justice asserts the distinction between fair trade products and eco-products in relation to public procurement conditions (Netherlands Max Havelaar)


Public procurement: are Fair Trade products different from Eco-products?* According to Advocate General Kokott they are. Public authorities wishing to procure such products should do so in accordance with article 23 of the public procurement directive (Directive 2004/18/EC) for Eco-products (...)

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