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Laure Schulz

RBB Economics (Paris)

Laure Schulz is a Partner in RBB’s Paris office. She has fifteen years of experience in competition economics, both in the public sector and in private practice. She’s worked on a wide range of competition issues, including mergers, abuse of dominance cases, cartels and market investigations. Prior to joining RBB in 2016, Laure worked as a case handler in the Chief Economist Team of the French Competition Authority. Laure graduated from the National School of Statistics and Economic Administration (ENSAE) in Paris and holds a Master in Economics from the Paris School of Economics. She is also a member of the W@Competition Executive Committee in France.

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14172 Bulletin

Laure Schulz, Patricia Perennes The Paris Court of Appeal rebuts the decision of the Competition Council regarding practices in the market of distribution of pharmaceutical products (GlaxoSmithKline)


Presentation 1. For the first time of its existence, on 14 March 2007, the French Competition Council (thereafter “CC”) had decided to sanction a firm for predatory pricing, namely GlaxoSmithKline (thereafter “GSK“) for an amount of 10 million euro. GSK appealed to this Decision. On 8 April 2008, (...)

David Sevy, Laure Schulz The French Competition Authority rejects a claim for interim measures regarding access to the incumbent’s civil engineering infrastructure for rolling-out fiber (Free / France Télécom)


Presentation Context of the claim 1. On 12 February 2008, the French Competition Council (hereafter the “Council”) has rejected Free’s claim for interim measures regarding the conditions of access to civil engineering facilities of France Télécom (hereafter “FT”), in the context of the development (...)

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