Lambros Papadias

European Ombudsman (Strasbourg)
Head of Unit - Legal, Complaints and Inquiries

Lambros Papadias is Head of Unit - Legal, Complaints and Inquiries at the European Ombudsman. He is a lawyer, specialised in European law. He started his career with a major international City Law firm in Brussels, and then served as a “Référendaire” at the General Court of the EU in Luxembourg where he clerked for Judge A. Zalogeropoulos (1994-1998) and later for Judge M. Vilaras (1998-2000). In April 2000 he joined the antitrust Telecoms unit of DG Competition where he was involved in a number of antitrust cases; including the “UK roaming investigation”, “3G auctions” and other mobile issues. During that period he drafted the “Commission Guidelines on market definition and SMP”, the Commission Telecoms “Liberalisation Directive”, and the Commission Recommendation on “Article 7 Notifications”. In 2005, he joined DG COMP’s state aid unit where he dealt with digital terrestrial TV cases and broadband policy issues, and drafted the recent "Community Guidelines for the application of State aid rules in relation to rapid deployment of broadband networks in the telecoms sector" (September 2009). He has published and spoken regularly on general, state aid and antitrust law issues related to telecommunications. he became Deputy Head of Unit, responsible for fiscal State aid matters in 2009.

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European Ombudsman (Strasbourg)


1836 Bulletin

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