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Konrad Schumm

European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
Senior Expert

Konrad is Senior Expert in Cartels at the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission.

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2092 Bulletin

Hubert Gambs, Konrad Schumm The EU Commission imposes a fine of €71.825 million against a German car manufacturer for three types of infringements to article 81 of the EC Treaty (4GH / Daimler & Mercedes)


"The fourth prohibition decision in the area of car distribution in four years: This time it’s Mercedes’ turn"* Introduction The Commission decided on 10 October 2001 to impose a fine of EUR 71.825 million on DaimlerChrysler AG for three types of infringements of Article 81 of the EC Treaty in (...)

Konrad Schumm, Ulrich Krause-Heiber The EU Commission issues its first decision concerning retail price maintenance and imposes a € 30.96 million fine on a German car manufacturer (Volkswagen)


"First decision concerning retail price maintenance: Commission imposes a € 30.96 million fine on Volkswagen AG for retail price maintenance measures on the German market"* 1. Introduction On 30 May 2001, the European Commission adopted a decision imposing a fine of € 30.96 million on (...)

Konrad Schumm, Ulrich Krause-Heiber The EU General Court confirms the Commission’s decision concerning infringements of article 81 TEC in a motor vehicle distribution case (Volkswagen)


"Judgement by the Court of First Instance of 6 July 2000 concerning Commission Decision 98/273/Volkswagen of 28 January 1998"* History By decision of 28.1.1998, the Commission had imposed a record fine of € 102 million on Volkswagen AG, for having committed a very serious infringement of (...)

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