Norwegian Competition Authority (Bergen)

Knut Eggum Johansen

Norwegian Competition Authority (Bergen)
Director General

Knut Eggum Johansen graduated from the University of Oslo (Master of Sciences in Economics) and the Department of Economics of the University of Minnesota. He also attended the Norwegian School of Business Administration (AFF Leadership Development Programme). From 1986 to 1988, he was a Counsellor of Embassy among the Norway’s Permanent Delegation to the OECD in Paris. He also worked at the Institute of Applied Social Research in the framework of the research exchange programme. Before joining the Norwegian Competition Authority, he held various leader positions at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, in particular in the Department of Administrative Affairs, the Department of Customs and Indirect taxation, the Economic Policy Department and the Planning Department. Knut Eggum Johansen is Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority since 1999 and has been appointed for a second six year term until April 2011.

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Norwegian Competition Authority (Bergen)


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