Kirstie Nicholson

BHP Billiton (Singapore)
Manager, Competition - Group Legal

Kirstie is Managing Counsel Competition at BHP Billiton in Singapore. Kirstie has over 10 years’ experience as a competition law specialist in private practice and she was recognised by Global Competition Review in its Women in Antitrust survey (2009). Kirstie has worked in Brussels, London and Shanghai, prior to Singapore, and her practice has covered all aspects of competition law, including cartels, dominance, mergers and appeals to the European Courts. She was involved in a number of the leading cases on the application of European competition law to the maritime industry and has been a Council Member of the European Maritime Law Organisation since 2006. Cited as a leading competition lawyer in China by Chambers Asia (2009), Kirstie was among the first European competition lawyers to relocate to China to assist clients with aspects of the competition laws of both China and elsewhere in Asia. She was involved in one of the first merger notifications to be made to, and cleared by, MOFCOM under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law. Engaged as an expert on competition law by the European Commission, Kirstie trained Chinese authorities under the auspices of the EU-China Trade Project (I). She also initiated and chaired the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (Shanghai) sub-working group on competition law, and was appointed Co-Chair of its legal working group.

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1271 Bulletin

Kirstie Nicholson The Competition Commission of Singapore conditionally clears first merger with divestment and behavioural commitments (Seek Asia Investments / JobStreet)


Comment: On 13 November 2014, the Competition Commission of Singapore (the “CCS”) released its grounds of decision conditionally clearing the proposed acquisition by SEEK Asia Investments Pte. Ltd. (“SEEK Asia Investments”), of 100 per cent. of the online recruitment business assets of JobStreet (...)

Kirstie Nicholson The Competition Commission of Singapore clears an acquisition and concludes that a non-solicitation restriction included as part of the merger notification did not amount to ancillary restrictions to the notified acquisition (Cebu Air, SEAir)


On 20 August 2014, the Competition Commission of Singapore (the “CCS”) issued its grounds of decision clearing the completed acquisition by Cebu Air, Inc. (“Cebu”), of Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAir), Inc. (“SEAir”) (the “Decision”). The CCS, however, concluded that the Strategic Alliance Agreement (...)

Kirstie Nicholson The Competition Commission of Singapore issues first proposed infringement decision in relation to an international cartel (Ball and roller bearings manufacturers)


On 16 December 2013, the CCS issued a media release stating that a Proposed Infringement Decision (the “PID”) had been issued against four Japanese bearings manufacturers and their Singapore subsidiaries (the “Parties”) pursuant to the Singapore Competition Act, Chapter 50B (the “Act”). The CCS has (...)

Kirstie Nicholson The Competition Commission of Singapore ceases investigations into a non-compete clause following a voluntary agreement not to enforce the clause (F&N / Heineken)


On 4 November 2013, the Competition Commission of Singapore (the “CCS”) issued a media release confirming that it had ceased its investigations into a non-compete clause contained in the Share Purchase Agreement relating to the completed acquisition by Heineken International B.V. (“Heineken”) of (...)

Kirstie Nicholson The Competition Commission of Singapore issues its decision finding that the worldwide MIF system implemented by multinational financial services company is not anticompetitive under Singapore competition law (Visa International)


On 18 September 2013, the Competition Commission of Singapore (the “CCS”) published its decision of 3 September 2013 relating to its assessment under Section 34 of the Competition Act, Chapter 50B of Singapore (the “Act”) of the Multilateral Interchange Fee (“MIF”) system (the “Decision”), as (...)

3781 Review

Kirstie Nicholson Hong-Kong: Overview of the May 2008 proposals for a competition law


En mai 2008, le Bureau du commerce et du développement de Hong-Kong a publié une série de propositions détaillées pour un droit de la concurrence. Cette proposition, si elle était adoptée, introduirait pour la première fois dans l’ordre juridique de Hong-Kong un régime de la concurrence couvrant : i) (...)

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