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An Adjunct Professor at Fordham University School of Law, Kent Bernard brings a unique perspective to antitrust, innovation and the impact of antitrust on healthcare R&D, topics on which he has practiced, spoken and written.For over 30 years Mr. Bernard held a series of increasingly responsible in-house legal positions, retiring at the end of 2007 as Vice President & Assistant General Counsel of Pfizer Inc. and Deputy Managing Partner of the Pfizer Legal Division. Mr. Bernard is a 1972 graduate of Colgate University, and a magna cum Laude 1975 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School where he was an Articles Editor of the Law Review. He began his career in Philadelphia as an attorney in private practice. He then went in-house, and in 1980, joined the Legal Division at Pfizer. In January 2010 he joined the faculty at Fordham.

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The ongoing debate about whether and how the EU should adopt a community wide system to compensate victims of illegal cartel activity has generated loud arguments over the past years. There is a respectable argument that in the time since this debate formally began in 2005, market forces (...)


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