Kenneth R. O’Rourke

Lawyer (Partner)

Ken O’Rourke leads O’Melveny’s Los Angeles Litigation Practice where he represents established and emerging companies in complex, multi-forum civil litigation in federal and state courts, including:
- Antitrust cases—such as class actions, monopolization, international cartels, government investigations, merger litigations, unfair competition, and reverse-payment settlements;
- Intellectual property lawsuits involving antitrust issues—such as reverse payment pharmaceutical antitrust cases and FTC investigations, patent misuse, Walker Process claims, and patents enforced on industry standards; and Complex business, technical and financial controversies and litigation. In 2015, Mr. O’Rourke serves as interim Chief Legal Officer of one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies. He is admitted to practice in California and as a solicitor on the roll in England & Wales. He is the immediate past Chair of the California State Bar Antitrust & Unfair Competition Law Section Executive Committee, and is a member of the ABA Antitrust Section’s International Cartel Task Force.



531 Bulletin

Jonathan Sallet, Kenneth R. O’Rourke, Richard G. Parker, Stephen McIntyre The US Supreme Court holds that reverse-payment patent settlements should be reviewed under the antitrust rule of reason (Actavis)


But Decision Raises as Many Questions as it Answers The Supreme Court yesterday held that it may be unlawful under the antitrust laws for a brand-name drug manufacturer to resolve patent litigation against an allegedly infringing generic drug maker by paying the generic to forestall market (...)

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