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Karoly Nagy

DG REGIO (Brussels)
Programme Manager

Karoly is Programme Manager at the Directorate General fo Regional and Urban Policy (Unit E3 - Bulgaria, Accession negotiations) of the European Commission. Prior to joining DG REGIO, he was part of the DG Competition as a Case Handler dealing with Antitrust in the field of Energy and Environment. He also worked for Verbund in Austria as a Financial Analysis. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna.

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3070 Bulletin

Karoly Nagy, Oliver Koch, Patrick Lindberg, Ricardo Cardoso de Andrade, Sandra Kijewski The EU Commission renders legally binding commitments offered by French and German incumbent gas operators concerning long-term capacity bookings (GDF) (E.ON)


The Commission’s GDF and E.ON Gas decisions concerning long-term capacity bookings - Use of own infrastructure as possible abuse under Article 102 TFEU* I. Introduction The Commission’s commitment decisions of December 2009 and May 2010 in the GDFand E.ON Gas cases dealt with foreclosure (...)

Ingrida Pucinskaite-Kubik, Karoly Nagy, Oliver Koch, Walter Tretton The EU Commission adopts a commitment decision concerning a possible abuse of a dominant position in the German gas transmission markets (RWE)


The RWE gas foreclosure case: Another energy network divestiture to address foreclosure concerns* I. Introduction On 18 March 2009 the Commission adopted a commitment decision against RWE AG for suspected infringement of EU competition law. The commitments were offered by RWE to address (...)

Karoly Nagy, Philippe Chauve, Martin Godfried, Stefan Siebert, Gregor Langus, Kristóf Kovács The EU Commission approves structural remedies offered by German electricity operator to remove suspected infringements of EU Article 102 concerns in the German electricity wholesale and balancing markets (E.ON)


"The E.ON electricity cases: an antitrust decision with structural remedies"* I. Introduction On 26 November 2008 the Commission adopted a commitment decision addressed to E.ON AG for suspected infringements of EU competition law involving the German electricity markets. For the first time (...)


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