Karolis Kačerauskas

Klavins Ellex, Valiunas Ellex (Vilnius)
Lawyer (Partner)

Dr Karolis Kačerauskas has over 15 years of experience in complex legal projects in state aid, competition, public procurement and public-private partnership areas. The lawyer and partner of the firm continuously provides consultations to clients of different profiles and sectors. His expertise in public procurement matters is valued by both contracting authorities and suppliers involved in public procurement. Among his professional strengths are expeditious coordination of complicated transactions and disputes, understanding of the client’s complex business operations and business needs and presentation of complex issues in a simple way. Karolis demonstrates excellent communication and negotiation skills in dealing with international and local companies and Lithuanian authorities.

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110 Bulletin

Karolis Kačerauskas The Lithuanian Competition Authority assesses the possibility of de facto termination of an agreement under Art. 101 of the TFEU (Lithuanian Shipbrokers and Agents Association)


Lithuanian ship agents case constitute important precedent on the possibility to recognise de facto termination of cartel under Lithuanian competition law. In December 2011 the Competition Council issued a decision against 32 shipbroking and agency companies (‘Companies’) and Lithuanian (...)


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