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Julie Rondu

University of Strasbourg
PhD candidate

Julie Rondu is a PhD candidate at the University of Strasbourg, specialized in European Union Law, particularly in internal market, citizenship and fundamental rights. She teaches as an assistant European Economic Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. She is graduated with a Master degree in EU Law from the University of Strasbourg.

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Julie Rondu La preuve dans le droit de l’Union européenne


For the first time, the book outlines a theory of evidence in European Union law as a legal order in its own right. This exercise of deciphering and systematization is in line with a recent doctrine which considers proof not only with regard to the office of the judge, but also with regard to (...)

Julie Rondu The Historical Foundations of EU Competition Law


Shedding new light on the foundations of European competition law, this volume is a legal and historical study of the emerging law and its evolution through the 1980s. It retraces the development and critical junctures of competition law not only at the level of the European Economic Community (...)

Francesco Martucci, Julie Rondu Financial regulation : The French Supreme Administrative Court applies the Art 6.1 ECHR to the AMF Enforcement Committee and the Prudential Supervisory Authority


EC, 9 October 2013, No 359161 EC, 29 October 2013, No 356108 The case of Grande Stevens and Others v. Italy, on which the European Court of Human Rights ruled on 4 March 2014, is currently the subject of a request for referral to the Grand Chamber, a request which is a further illustration (...)



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