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Julia Xoudis

University of Geneva, Python and Peter (Geneva Firmin-Massot)
Professor, Lawyer (of Counsel)

Julia Xoudis is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva and Associate with Python & Peter. She specializes in the fields of Arbitration, Commercial Contracts and Competition law. She holds a Doctorate in Law from the University of Geneva, a Master degree in European Law from the University of Geneva and an LL.M. in International Law from the University of Cambridge. She is member of the Geneva Bar Association, the Swiss Bar Association, the Swiss Arbitration Association, the Swiss Association of Competition Law (also member of the Committee) and the International League of Competition Law (also member of the Council).

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155 Bulletin

4024 Review

Caroline Bellone-Closset, Catherine Prieto, Daniel Fasquelle, Jean-Christophe Grall, Julia Xoudis, Juliette Théry, Léna Sersiron, Marie-Alice Fasquelle-Leonetti, Romain Travade Agriculture and competition law, towards reconciliation?


What was implicit, and has been established in November 2017 by the Court of Justice in the judgment on endives, has been specifically laid down by the European legislator in the omnibus regulation of December 2017: the prohibition on cartels does not apply to producer organizations and (...)

Julia Xoudis Parallel trade: The Swiss Federal Administrative Court confirms the fines imposed by the Competition Authority to a Swiss toothpaste manufacturer and its Austrian licensor due to anticompetitive agreement on parallel trade (Gaba International, Gebro Pharma)


Federal Administrative Court, judgments of 19 December 2013, Gaba International v. Competition Commission, B-506/2010, CPD 2013/4 750; Gebro Pharma v. Competition Commission, B-463/2010, CPD 2013/4 808 The Federal Administrative Court (’TAF’) dismissed the actions of Gaba International SA (...)

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