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Joseph Tomlinson

Manchester University (Manchester)
Ph.D Researcher and Lecturer

Joseph Tomlinson is presently a Researcher at Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP (London, part-time) and a Visiting Lecturer in Law at King’s College London. He is also completing a PhD (as President’s Doctoral Scholar) at the University of Manchester and the Bar Professional Training Course (funded by a Middle Temple Queen Mother’s Scholarship) at BPP Law School. He holds a teaching position at the University of Manchester. He has previously completed a traineeship in President Baudenbacher’s Chamber (the Lichtenstein Cabinet) in the EFTA Court (Luxembourg) (2015); worked as Legal Assistant to leading silk Gerard McDermott QC (2014); and acted as a research assistant at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law’s Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law and Competition Law Forum (2014-2015).

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Manchester University (Manchester)
Manchester University (Manchester)


531 Bulletin

Joseph Tomlinson The English High Court holds that a non-appealing addressee of a penalty decision by the OFT that is successfully challenged by another addressee cannot seek common law restitution (Lindum Construction & Others/OFT)


When the Office of Fair Trading (whose functions have, since the dispute in this case arose, been transferred to the new Competition and Markets Authority) issues a penalty decision, the addressees can choose to appeal that decision within two months . In some situations, some of the addressees (...)

Joseph Tomlinson The UK Court of Appeal holds that a foreign business can be blocked by the Competition Authority from acquiring another non-UK company where there is sufficient UK involvement (Akzo Nobel / Metlac)


Background to the judgement AkzoNobel NV (‘Akzo’) is incorporated in the Netherlands. It does not directly engage in activities in the UK. It is, however, at the peak of a complex corporate arrangement that comprises multiple subsidiary companies. Part of this corporate arrangement is a sizable (...)

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