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Jorge Marcos Ramos

Linklaters (Brussels)

Jorge Marcos Ramos was a PhD candidate (2014-2018) in Competition Law at the Liege Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) from the University of Liege (ULg) in Belgium. He also assisted Prof. Nicolas Petit in the course “Advanced EU Competition law” in EDHEC (Lille). Jorge obtained a Law degree with a specialization in EU Law from San Pablo CEU University (Madrid) and holds an LLM in EU Competition and Intellectual Property law from the ULg. Before joining the LCII, he completed a traineeship in DG Competition and worked as a trainee lawyer in the Competition and Trade practice of Garrigues in Brussels.

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1123 Bulletin

Jorge Marcos Ramos, Marta Centell Ribas The Spanish Competition Authority fines undertakings for an agreement and concerted practices during the purchase of soccer broadcasting rights (Telefónica / DTS)


I. The Parties. Defendants: DTS Distribuidora de Televisión Digital, S.A. (DTS) is a company specialising in the management of the platform of satellite pay-TV Canal+. Grupo Telefónica is a group of companies specialising in telecommunications formed by the parent company Telefónica, S.A. and (...)

Alejandro Polo Navarro, Jorge Marcos Ramos The Spanish Competition Authority fines 21 car manufacturers and distributers and two consulting firms for exchanging commercially sensitive and strategic information (Fabricantes de automóviles)


The CNMC (Spain’s National Authority for Markets and Competition) Council issues a 171 million euros fine against 21 automobile manufacturing and distributing companies and two consulting companies for exchanging commercially sensitive and strategic information. File resolution S/0482/13 (...)

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