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Jonathan Zavin is a commercial litigator and intellectual property attorney with extensive experience in intellectual property matters, and has litigated scores of copyright and trademark cases. He has also advised major film studios, producers, recording companies and publishing companies on transactions in the entertainment and new media industries. Mr. Zavin’s commercial litigation background has been in areas as diverse as securities litigation (including Rule 10b-5 and RICO claims), litigation arising from the purchase and sale of large companies, employment discrimination litigation, FTC hearings involving the antitrust implications of an acquisition, commercial breach of contract actions and construction disputes. At the request of the United States government, Mr. Zavin has traveled to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Greece and South Africa to meet with various government ministries and industry groups regarding the protection of intellectual property rights. Mr. Zavin has lectured extensively on the subject of copyright law before law and industry organizations, including the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. and the American Bar Association. He is the author of articles addressing intellectual property issues. Mr. Zavin is on the Editorial Board of the Loeb & Loeb IP/Entertainment Case Law Weekly Update for Motion Picture Studios and Television Networks.

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Allan W. Edmiston, David Grossman, Jonathan Zavin The US District Court for the District of Minnesota dismisses an antitrust complaint on the basis that copyright owners may exclude others from using even portions of their work in the market for footage of professional football games (Washington / NFL)


Plaintiffs Gene Washington, Diron Talbert, and Sean Lumpkin, former professional football players, brought a class action suit against the National Football League and a number of affiliated entities, including each of the 32 NFL teams, alleging that the NFL defendants, by constraining (...)

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