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Jonathan Faull

Brunswick Group (Brussels)
Chair of the European Public Affairs

Sir Jonathan Faull KCMG was born in Chatham, Kent (UK) in 1954. He has been Chair of European Public Affairs at the Brunswick Group since 2017. He previously spent 38 years at the European Commission in a variety of functions. He worked for many years in the Directorate General of Competition, from the starting grade to Deputy Director General. From 1989 to 1992 he worked in the cabinet (private office) of the competition Commissioner (Leon Brittan). He was the Commission’s Spokesman and Director General of Press and Communication (1999-2003), Director General of Justice and Home Affairs (2003-2010), Director General of Internal Market and Services, later called Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (2010-2015) and Director General of the Task Force on the British referendum on membership of the EU (2015-2016). He is the author of many articles on European law and policy, co-editor of a leading work on European Competition Law and holds a number of academic and other appointments.

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