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Since 1973, Mr. Briggs has been antitrust and litigation counsel of choice for dozens of major companies in the United States, Asia, Europe and Scandinavia. Prior to joining Axinn, Mr. Briggs served for more than 10 years as the Chair of the antitrust practice for Howrey LLP, during his tenure the largest private antitrust practice in the world. From 2009 until 2019 he was an adjunct Professor of International Competition Law at George Washington University. John Briggs is also a past Chair of the American Bar Association’s ten-thousand-member Section of Antitrust Law; a Fellow in the Litigation Counsel of America, The Trial lawyer Honorary Society; and was also recently elected a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. He has been a prolific writer, having published some 50 articles and edited an edition of the ABA Antitrust Section’s flagship publication Antitrust Law Developments. He is now in the near-final throes of publishing his first major book, with a working title of Thinking About Things: Essays, Commentary, and Ruminations on America, Politics, Law, Society, Foreign Affairs, Culture, The Arts, The Pandemic, and Other Things (2019-2022)


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John Briggs (Axinn)
John DeQ. Briggs 24 September 2018 Washington, DC
John DeQ. Briggs
John DeQ. Briggs 28 September 2015 Washington, DC
John Briggs - Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider
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