Joffrey Sigrist

Verisure Securitas Direct (Paris)
General Counsel

Joffrey Sigrist is an experienced lawyer with ten years’ experience in the competition law field. He is General Counsel of Verisure Securitas Direct (Paris). Prior to be promoted to this position, Joffrey was Senior Legal Counsel of the Pomona Group (wholesaler in food products), having previously worked for SFR (Telecommunications services) and as a lawyer with Fourgoux & Partners and Castaldi Mourre & Partners. He has developed competence in the areas of mergers, antitrust law, distribution and restrictive practices. His experience spans sectors such as telecommunications, distribution & wholesale, food industry. He graduated from Paris Assas University (1997), Paris Panthéon Sorbonne University (1998), and Paris Bar (2000).


4538 Bulletin

Joffrey Sigrist The French Competition Authority fines an optical company for indirect resale price maintenance in the sunglasses market by imposing a systematic discount prohibition on its network (Bausch & Lomb)


Description of the impugned case Regarding to the facts, French competition Council showed that all pricing policy of distributors contrary to the price floor determined by the supplier, even on a short period, should be assimilated to a systematic discount prohibited by the supplier. (...)

Joffrey Sigrist The French Competition Council rules that retaliations and boycott measures in order to maintain resale price constitutes an anticompetitive practice (Practices on fruits & vegetables sector)


Description of the impugned case A French syndicate of producers imposed to distributors a resale price maintenance in order to stop importation of strawberries from Spain. The investigation showed clearly that syndicate threatened to apply retaliations and boycott measures. In (...)

Joffrey Sigrist The Paris Court of Appeal considers that the use and implementation by franchisees of the franchisor’s contractual documents has an equal effect to a resale price maintenance practice (CEJIBE)


Description of the impugned case In a franchising network, franchisor sent to each franchisee pre-printed and standardized documents including amount of rebates and fixe fees. The appeal Court has considered that diffusion of standards documents was a huge incitation to apply rebates and (...)

Joffrey Sigrist The French Versailles Court of Appeal confirms fines, independently of anticompetitive practice, against the chairman of a company having imposed a minimum resale price of a product (Hinningen & Ste Fravillex)


Description of the impugned case The investigation showed that the supplier imposed to some of its clients a minimum ratio on price and threatened of retaliations measures in a case of non respect of it. Moreover, a strict control was also insured directly by the supplier in order to check (...)

660 Review

Jean-Patrice de La Laurencie, Joffrey Sigrist, Michaël Cousin, Michel Ponsard The regulation of commercial practices - A reform of the French law while waiting for the European law? (AFEC, Paris, 20 juin 2013)


This article brings together contributions from the second panel of the AFEC’s General Assembly of 20 June 2013 in Paris dedicated to the regulation of commercial practices INTRODUCTION Jean-Patrice DE LAURENCIE Lawyer at the Paris Bar 1. It is an honour for which I thank the (...)


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