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United Nations Dispute Tribunal (Geneva)

Judge Joëlle Adda is a full-time judge. She commenced her first term on 4 November 2019 and was reelected by the UNDT judges for a second one-year term starting on 1 January 2021. She has been an administrative judge for over 20 years at the first instance and at the appellate levels. She served as president of the Administrative Court of Lille (2014-2017) and president of the Fifth Chamber of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris. She has also served as Legal Director at the Société du Grand Paris and the French Telecommunications and Posts Regulator. She has recently been a Visiting Professor at the University of Iowa College of Law (USA) and a judge (panels chair) on France’s National Court of Asylum. Ms. Adda earlier worked at the Legal Service of the European Commission (2000-2002). She graduated from the University of Paris and the French National School of Administration (ENA). Judge Adda was the UNDT President from 4 November 2019 to 30 June 2022.

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16958 Review

Joelle Adda 520 Telecommunications - Dispute resolution: The Court of Cassation extends the possibility of retroactivity of decision of resolution of disputes of the French regulatory authority (SFR/France Télécom)


Cass. com, December 14, 2010, Société française de radiotéléphone (SFR) v. France Télécom, No. 09-67371 In a decision rendered on December 14, 2010, at the request of Société française de radiotéléphone (SFR), the Commercial Division of the French Supreme Court overturned and partially (...)

Joelle Adda Telecommunications - Fourth 3G mobile licence: The Council of State rejected all the claims against the Decree setting the fixed portion of the licensing fee due from the new operator for the third-generation (3G) mobile telephony licence and against the administrative order issued by the Minister and the ARCEP (Bouygues Telecom)


CE, 12 October 2010, Bouygues Telecom and others, no. 332393 and others. The litigation concerning the allocation in metropolitan France of authorizations to use frequencies in the 2.1GHz band to operate a third-generation (3G) mobile system has not been fully completed, but has reached a (...)

Joelle Adda Case proceedings before the French telecom regulator: A review


Uncommonly, the French Telecom Regulatory Authority has been empowered to also resolve disputes between undertakings, should said parties chose to enter proceedings under its jurisdiction rather than that of ordinary courts. While the Authority acts primarily under the control of an (...)

Joelle Adda Telecommunications - Dispute - Delegation of public utility: The French NRA exercises for the first time its dispute resolution power about a public private partnership (Art. L. 1425-1 CGCT) and accepts to deal with a dispute when one of the parties is an undertaking offering its electronic communication services in the frame of a contract of public utility with a public authority (Mobius et La Réunion Numérique)


ARCEP, Dec. No. 2010-0742 of July 1, 2010, settlement of a dispute between Mobius and La Réunion Numérique The company Mobius, an alternative retail operator on Reunion Island, which must therefore have wholesale offers to provide its service, which are offered either (as part of the (...)

Joelle Adda Telecommunications - Fees charged for public domain occupation: The Paris Administrative Court of Appeal reviews the fees charged for public domain occupation with regard to the specific advantage which results from private use of the public domain and to allegation of abuse of a dominant position (RTE EDF Transports ; Viatel Opérations)


In a context where managers of the public domain are trying to derive maximum revenue from it, the imprecise or incomplete nature of the texts governing the level of charges for occupying this domain, for the deployment of infrastructure networks, creates legal uncertainty that is detrimental (...)

Joelle Adda Telecommunications - MVNO: The French regulator is about to allocate the remaining blocks available in the 2.1 GHz frequency band in a way that will facilitate the hosting of mobile virtual network operators (2.1 GHz MVNO)


On December 18, 2009, the Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (ARCEP) awarded the fourth third-generation mobile telephony license to Free Mobile, a subsidiary of the Illiad Group. However, this authorization only concerns 5 MHz duplex out of the 14.8 MHz (...)

Joelle Adda Postal services: The French Parliament enacts a law implementing the UE directive concerning the full accomplishment of the internal market of Community postal services


This text provides for "La Poste" to become a public limited company on 1 March 2010 and transposes the directive of 20 February 2008 setting 31 December 2010 as the date for the full liberalisation of postal markets in Europe. Title I amends the Law of 2 July 1990 on the organisation of the (...)



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