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Jeroen Capiau

European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
Case Handler

Jeroen Capiau joined the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission in 2009. He is a case handler in the unit responsible for the European Competition Network. Previously, he worked for the Belgian Competition Authority where he first was employed as a case handler in the investigation branch and later became a member of the decision-making branch. Before working in the area of competition enforcement, he was a teaching assistant at the European Law Institute of the University of Ghent. Jeroen Capiau holds a degree in Law (1998) and in Advanced Studies in European Law (1999) from the University of Ghent. He has published several articles on EU competition law and the law of the internal market.

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691 Bulletin

Jeroen Capiau, Virgílio Mouta Pereira The EU General Court rules on the conditions for applying a provision allowing NCAs and the Commission to reject complaints if they "have already been dealt with" by another member of the ECN (Easyjet)


Introduction Regulation 1/2003 introduced close forms of cooperation between the Commission and national competition authorities (hereinafter referred to as “NCAs”) in the framework of the European Competition Network (hereinafter referred to as "ECN"), with a view to ensuring the effective and (...)

779 Review

Ailsa Sinclair, Dorothe Dalheimer, Evelyne Rikkers, Ingrid Breit, Jeroen Capiau, Vita Juknevičiūtė Developments in and around the European Competition Network and cooperation in competition enforcement in the EU: An update


Depuis 2004, les règles de concurrence de l’Union Européenne occupent une place centrale dans la pratique des autorités de concurrence des Etats membres. De la même manière, ces autorités, ainsi que les cours et tribunaux qui exercent un contrôle juridictionnel sur leur action, contribuent de plus en (...)

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