Fidal (Reims)

Jean-Luc Vitoux

Fidal (Reims)
Lawyer (Deputy Director)

Jean-Luc Vitoux has a strong experience in competition, distribution, and consumer laws. He assists and advises numerous companies in the French territory, both in their domestic and international relations (cartel, implementation of distribution networks, pricing policy, sales promotion and advertising...). Moreover, he is high qualified in vine and wine laws. He is the legal adviser of a large number of professional and interprofessional organisations, wine houses, cooperatives and wine growers. He joined the FIDAL Law Firm in 2000. Today he is responsible for the Champagne Ardenne region of the Competition, Distribution and Consumption Department and he has the national responsability of the national wine network ("Pôle Vitivinícole") which includes in all the winegrowing regions, lawyers specialized in this business.

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1800 Review

Jean-Luc Vitoux LMAP Act : The Legislator adopts a new law on the Modernization of Agriculture and Fishing aiming at the specific objective of bolstering producers’ negotiating power vis-à-vis distributors, and more particularly vis-à-vis large retailers


Alongside general objectives such as public food policy, the law on the modernisation of agriculture and fisheries has the specific objective of strengthening the bargaining power of producers vis-à-vis distributors, and more particularly the supermarkets. To this end, under a heading referring (...)

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