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Javier Tapia is a former Judge at the Chilean Competition Tribunal (TDLC) (2014-2020). He holds a Ph.D. in Law from University College London (UCL), UK; an M.Sc. in Regulation, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK; an LL.B. and a Diploma in Economics and Finance, both from Universidad de Chile. Javier’s academic interests are on competition law & policy, utilities regulation, law & economics, public law and institutional analysis. He has published many journal articles and book chapters. Javier teaches at several universities in Chile. He has also taught courses for competition authorities in several Latin American and African countries. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) at the University of Johannesburg, and Associate Member at the Centre for Law, Economics and Society (CLES) at UCL Faculty of Laws. He speaks regularly in conferences, in both Chile and abroad; having talked in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the UK, the US, Canada, Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa, among others. Javier is also a consultant for governments and international organizations. He has also done consultancy work for private and public firms. Before being appointed as judge, Javier was Chief Legal Counsel for the Chilean Energy Producers Trade Association; Head of the Research and International Division of the Chilean Competition Agency (FNE); Legal Adviser of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency of Chile; and private lawyer.


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12388 Bulletin

Javier Tapia The Spanish Competition Authority imposes a 15 M Euros fine over two associations of carriers for acting as a cartel in the transport sector (Transportes Barcelona)


On April 1st, 2008, the Council of the Spanish National Competition Commission (the “Council”) ruled that two Spanish associations of carriers acted as a cartel regarding the road haulage of containers in the Port of Barcelona. The Council decided to impose heavy fines on the two associations, (...)

Javier Tapia The Spanish National Competition Commission rules that neither inter- nor intra-brand competition is affected by restrictive practices in the postal sector (Logimail / Unipost)


On April 29th, 2005, Logimail filed a complaint against Unipost. Logimail is a postal operator that performs pickup services, sorting and even distribution. To complete the distribution, however, it outsources the service to other postal operators. Unipost is one of the main postal-services (...)

480 Review

Umut Aydin, Javier Tapia Chile: A hybrid competition law and policy model


This article presents a brief overview of the Chilean competition law and policy and analyses its current state of enforcement. We argue that the Chilean system is a mix between the United States and European Union competition regimes. It relies on decisions by a specialized competition (...)

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