Jan Blockx

Antwerp University (UFSIA)
Visiting Lecturer

Jan is an experienced litigator and has worked on many cases before the European, Belgian and Dutch courts. However, most of his cases are resolved without court proceedings. Jan has particular experience in investigating cartel conduct and defending companies accused of cartel conduct. He has worked on cartel investigations at the national, European and global level. Jan can also advise on other commercial practices, which may raise competition concerns, such as cooperation with your competitors, distribution agreements, rebate schemes, territorial restrictions, IP licensing, etc. For your transactions, Jan can advise on competition-related provisions in transaction documentation and obtain merger control approvals. Jan has worked on many merger filings to the European Commission (both simplified cases and cases involving substantive review in phase I and II, including remedies) and in other jurisdictions. Jan also advises on other aspects of EU law, including in particular State aid, access to documents, sectorial regulation and EU funding. He has worked on some of seminal cases in these areas over the last decade. Jan has particular affinities with China, he has worked in Beijing and Shanghai and speaks some Mandarin.


1651 Bulletin

Jan Blockx The EU Commission publishes a new State aid recovery notice


New EU State aid Recovery Notice strengthens Commission’s hand* On 22 July 2019, the European Commission published a new State aid Recovery Notice on its website (publication in the Official Journal of the European Union will follow). The new Notice replaces the Recovery Notice of 2007 which (...)

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