Ines Zenke

Becker Büttner Held (Berlin)

Dr. Ines Zenke is currently advising companies which are trading energy, derivatives and certificates (CO2, RECS etc). A further main focus of her work is the cartel law with the focus on regulatory questions and grid fees. Practice Areas : conduct of cases and legal advisor for antitrust and regulation law (especially merger control/questions of net use and fees), law of CO2 certificates trading and stock exchange and bank law (in particular KWG). Consultancy for politics.


8625 Review

Anne de Cadaran, Christophe Barthélémy, Ines Zenke, Jean-Baptiste Siproudhis, Jean-Patrice de La Laurencie, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet, Markus Kerber, Olivier Fréget, Philippe Redaelli Ten years of liberalisation of energy: Contrasted points of view


The set of six articles covers a wide panel of points of views ten years after the 1999 EC Directive. Readers will be able to read the following contributions: 1. Update on Wholesale Energy Market Regulation - Philippe Redaelli, General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer, Powernext; 2. (...)

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