Herwig H. C. Hofmann

University of Luxembourg
Professor of European and Transnational Public Law

Herwig H. C. Hofmann teaches European and transnational constitutional, administrative and regulatory law as well as international economic law to Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students. He has also been teaching and researching as visiting scholar, lecturer and professor at various European and US universities including most recently the Law School of Sciences Po in Paris, Columbia Law School in New York, the University of San Francisco Law School and the European Institute of Public Administration. At the University of Luxembourg Professor Hofmann directs the Master specialisation in European Litigation, has been the founder of the Centre for European Law and has served as director of the ‘priorité de recherche droit’ and of the ‘unité de recherche en droit’. Prior to joining the University of Luxembourg in 2004 he was full-time member of the faculty of the Law School of Trinity College Dublin. A graduate of the Universities of Hamburg and Oxford he has also practiced European and international trade law as an attorney in Brussels and, as member of the Cologne bar, is currently admitted to practice also before the Court of Justice of the European Union. His more recent publications include the books Hofmann/Rowe/Türk, EU Administrative Law and Policy, Oxford University Press (Oxford 2011); Hofmann/Weaver (eds.), A Transatlantic Administrative Law Research Exchange, Bruylant (Brussels 2011); Hofmann/Türk (eds.), Legal Challenges in EU Administrative Law: The Move to an Integrated Administration, Elgar Publishing (Cheltenham 2009) and Hofmann/Türk (eds.), EU Administrative Governance, Elgar Publishing (Cheltenham 2006). For a full bibliography, please consult the link to the PDF document below. Professor Hofmann is on the editorial boards of several law journals and is one of the founding members of the research network on European administrative law (ReNEUAL), and of the European Law Institute (ELI).

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General Court of the European Union (Luxembourg)
University of Luxembourg


466 Review

Bob Schmitz, Chris Fonteijn, Claude Strasser, Franz Fayot, Herwig H. C. Hofmann Challenges of the application of the competition law in small countries (10 ans d’application du règlement 1/2003 et de la loi luxembourgeoise relative à la concurrence, Luxembourg-Kirchberg, 6 juin 2014)


Competition law in the EU is based on a set array of legislation and guidelines. However, while both authorities and businesses benefit from a clear set of rules, applying a “one size fits all” format to all economies can have a distorted outcome. This concerns POST, as a Luxembourg state-owned (...)

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