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Henrik Morch

DG COMP (Brussels)
Civil servant

Henrik Morch is a lawyer who joined the European Commission in 1992 and worked in the positions as follows: (1) DG Competition until 2001, (2) Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Poul Nielson in charge of Development and Humanitarian Aid 2001-2004, (3) Member of Cabinet of Marian Fischer Boel in charge of Agriculture 2004-2005, (4) DG Internal Market and services, Head of Unit for Legal Affairs 2005-2011, (5) DG Internal Market, Head of Unit for Single Market policy 2011-2015, (6) DG Competition, Head of Unit & Acting Director for Transport, Post and other Services 2015-2016, and (7) DG Competition, Director for Transport, Post and other Services as of 2016.

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3084 Bulletin

Henrik Morch The EU Commission proposes a new steel aids code


"Proposal for a new steel aids code"* In a Communication of March this year the Commission proposes to the Council of Ministers to give its unanimous assent pursuant to Article 95 of the ECSC Treaty to the adoption of a new Steel Aids Code to replace the current fifth Steel Aids Code which (...)

Brona Carton, Henrik Morch, Pierre Arhel The EU Commission issues a report on the application of the agreement between the EC and the government of the USA on the application of their competition laws


"Report on the application of the agreement"* At the time of Council’s approval of the 1991 Agreement between the European Communities and the Government of the United States of America on the application of their competition laws, the Commission undertook to make an annual report to the (...)

Henrik Morch The EU Commission adopts SME guidelines for State aid


"The Commission Adopts New SME Guidelines"* The Community guidelines on state aid to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), adopted by the Commission in 1992 (OJ C 213 of 19.8.1992) provide that before the end of the three-year period following their publication the Commission will review (...)

Henrik Morch The EU Commission adopts de minimis rule for State aid


"The Commission Adopts New "De Minimis" Rule"* In 1992 the Commission set out its policy on state aid for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Community guidelines (OJ C 213 of 19.8.1992). In an effort to reduce the administrative burden on the Member States and on the Commission (...)

Henrik Morch, Vittorio Verdun di Cantogno The European Commission enjoins Germany to provide all information on new investment projects implemented by car manufacturer in the new German Länder and on the aid that is to be granted to them (Volkswagen)


"Application of the "Boussac" – injunction"* The Commission has the power to issue an injunction ordering Member States to suspend payment of an aid pending the outcome of the investigation and/or to supply information needed for the Commission to take a decision on a case, which has not been (...)

Henrik Morch, Vittorio Verdun di Cantogno The EU General Court annuls the Commission decision rejecting a complaint concerning an alleged State aid in favor of a subsidiary of the French postal services incumbent (Sytraval)


"SYTRAVAL"* In its judgment of 28 September 1995 in case T-95/94 «SYTRAVAL« v. Commission the Court of First Instance (CFI) annulled the Commission’s decision of 31 December 1993 rejecting a complaint in respect of alleged state aid in favour of «Sécuripost«, a subsidairy of the state-owned French (...)

Henrik Morch, Vittorio Verdun di Cantogno The EU General Court upholds the Commission’s decision to make its authorization of an aid package subject to a suspension of the payment of that aid until the incompatible aid had been recovered (TWD Textilwerke Deggendorf)


"TWD Textilwerke Deggendorf GmbH"* In May 1986 the Commission adopted a negative decision in respect of non-notified aid granted by the German authorities to the company TWD Textilwerke Deggendorf and imposed on the German authorities to recover the aid already paid to the company. In October (...)

Henrik Morch The EU Commission adopts guidelines on employment aid


"The Commission adopts employment aid guidelines"* The persistent high unemployment rate within the Community remains the fundamental economic and social problem which the Community is faced with today. The development in the unemployment situation is characterized by an increased number of (...)

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